Hello, you want to go on an internship in Poland and you need information and advice before making your decision? I will be able to give you some advice that will surely help you make your choice 🙂 

Internship in Poland: climate

Poland has a continental climate. In winter, temperatures vary between – 5°C and – 15°C. In spring, sunshine and warmth go hand in hand with the return of white frost around mid-May. In summer, temperatures can exceed 30°C with frequent rain and thunderstorms. In autumn, the climate is dry and sunny. This period is called the “golden autumn” because of the orange colours of nature. 

Do an internship in Poland: transport 

Public transport in Poland is very good. Buses and trams are available in all major cities in Poland. You will only find buses in smaller cities. Please note that you will need different tickets for trams, buses and the metro. Tickets can be bought at newsagents, train stations and some supermarkets. Just be careful! You can buy your tickets directly from the drivers, but it will cost you about 25% more. In Poland, there are tourist cards available in several large cities that allow you to use all types of public transport without additional cost. 

Internship in Poland: a different currency

The currency used in Poland is the Polish zloty. The Zloty is divided into 100 groszy. You can exchange your euros into zloty at the exchange offices (called kantors) at the airport and at the main banks. I recommend that you compare the exchange rate offered at several exchange offices to choose the most interesting one. You can also use the ATMs that are available all over the city. 

Internship in Poland: a safe country?  

Poland is a safe country, but organised gangs of thieves are present in some tourist destinations, on public transport and near railway stations. Groups of thieves are mainly present in urban areas. I advise you to be vigilant and to apply the basic security measures: put your identity and travel documents in a safe place, do not carry large sums of money and do not show that you have money on you. So don’t hesitate to contact us for your internship in Poland ?