Are you very interested in going on an internship abroad? You have thought about several options and Georgia seems to be a good one, but you are wondering what you need to know before leaving? You’re right to ask yourself this because it’s important to have as much information as possible before you leave! I’ll give you all the advice you need before you leave for Georgia! 

Georgia, which climate according to the seasons? 

In Georgia, the climate and temperatures vary depending on the location of the city you are in. In winter, the weather in Georgia is generally good but cold with temperatures ranging from +1°C to +9°C (December to March). When spring comes, it is between +14°C and +20°C with the warmest temperatures in the west of the country. In the east of Georgia, it is generally cooler. In summer, temperatures can reach +27°C in the west and +23°C in the east. In autumn, temperatures gradually drop and enter winter. It is therefore noticeable that temperatures are relatively milder in the west of the country. The east is cooler, but pleasant temperatures can still be felt. 

In Georgia, what currency is used? What about the cost of living?

As Georgia is not a European country, the currency used is not the Euro but the Lari. One lari is worth 100 tetris. You can change your euros into lari in many banks or exchange offices. You will mainly find exchange offices near busy places (metro stations, shopping centres, hotels, etc.). A word of caution, in some streets, you may see money changers with better rates than in banks or exchange offices. However, I do not recommend that you change your money in the money changers on the streets if you do not want to be a victim of fraud.

The cost of living in Georgia is relatively cheap, being 57% lower than in France. For example, you can go to a mid-range restaurant for an average of €12.70. Public transport passes are also relatively cheap compared to France. 

Is Georgia a safe country?

Georgia is a safe country where you can live without fear and go out at any time without being afraid. I would like to point out that this is the case for both men and women. I would still advise you to be careful and not to carry large sums of money around with you because, as in most big cities, there can be pickpockets. Tensions with Russia since the fall of the USSR can still be felt, especially on the border with Russia. This is an area I recommend you avoid. 

Georgia, a country where you can meet many people

Georgians are very welcoming. You will be able to talk to them easily and they will be very happy to answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to start a conversation while respecting the privacy of the person you are talking to and taking care not to ask too personal questions. If you are invited, it is customary to bring chocolates. Georgians are very appreciative of this gesture. On the other hand, do not bring a bottle of wine if you are a guest, as this will not be well received and your host may think that you are afraid that he or she will not give you enough to drink. 

Georgia, a great way to improve your English

The two main languages spoken in Georgia are Georgian and Russian. You should know that most adults in Georgia under the age of 40 are fluent in English. This makes it easy for you to make yourself understood and to interact with the population. However, older people do not speak English. It will be more difficult for you to communicate with people over 40. If you have a good command of Russian or know a few words and want to speak in Russian, for political and historical reasons, I recommend that you do not automatically speak Russian and let your interlocutor choose whether he wants to speak in Russian or in English. I would also advise you to learn the basic words in Georgian, it’s always nice to see that your interlocutor has made the effort to learn some words! ?

Georgia is really a country where you will be able to flourish during your internship abroad! It is a country that we have enjoyed not only because of its breathtaking scenery but also because of the friendliness of the Georgians. If you would like us to help you organise your internship abroad, please contact us!