Hello, you’re about to go on an internship in Hungary and you’re probably wondering what you need to know before you leave! You’ve come to the right place to find out!

Transport in Hungary 

You can easily get around Hungary by bus as the Volánbusz company’s network covers the whole of Hungary. You can also take the train in Budapest, which is the centre of rail transport. I recommend the Intercity trains, which are the fastest means of transport in the country.

A different currency

In Hungary, the currency used is the Forint. When you exchange your currency, you will soon realise that you will have a lot of notes on you, so don’t be surprised! For every 100 euros, you will receive 40625.25 forint. And yes, that’s a lot! There are many exchange offices in Hungary. You can do it at the airport, at train stations and in the city centre. Banks also offer exchange services but I don’t recommend you to do it in a bank because the rate is less favourable.

English, mastered by many Hungarians

In Hungary the language spoken is Hungarian. Many Hungarians speak English and you will easily be able to make yourself understood and exchange with native speakers. Don’t hesitate to practice your English, it’s the best way to progress and learn! 

Small vigilance to have in the tourist places

In Hungary, especially in tourist areas and on night trains, pickpockets are present. If you remain vigilant you will not have to worry as Hungary is generally a safe and secure country.

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