Tips for going on an internship abroad in Ireland: don’t you want rain in your eyes? The land of rain, green plains and beer! If you are going to do your internship in Ireland, here are some precious advices

GO for your internship abroad

When to start your traineeship in Ireland

Maybe you won’t have a choice of date, but if you have to leave during the winter you will have a lot of …. rain! If water is really not your thing, you will have a hard time during your internship in Ireland. That’s why we recommend you to go between May and July/August because it will be warmer (20 degrees or more) and the days will be sunnier.

What papers? Passport? Identity card?

You will not need a passport for your internship in Ireland if you come either from the EU, in which case you need an official ID card, or from the UK, in which case you can use an official ID card with a photo. If you do not come from the EU or the UK you will need a passport.

What about electrical outlets?

The electrical sockets are a little different from those in France, so bring an adapter for your internship in Ireland. The plugs (the stems of the sockets, so to speak) are quite different and are of type G.

Personally I found one in an electronics store for 15 euros. It was an adapter, but also a normal plug, as well as 2 USB plugs to charge several devices at the same time. Super handy, and everything folds up on itself: not very bulky! 🙂

Change and credit cards

During your placement in Ireland, you will of course use the Euro (not to be confused with Northern Ireland which uses the British Pound). Visa or Mastercard are accepted in almost all shops. Avoid using large denominations above 100 euros, as they may not be accepted. American Express cards are not accepted everywhere, so be careful.

End of the advice, but this is the beginning for you of the great reflection: internship in Ireland, or international internship? Once again, an internship in Ireland is highly recommended for a unique and immersive work experience. But if you want to go to another country for your internship abroad, contact us 🙂