Hello, you are about to go on an internship in Romania and you are still wondering what you will be able to do during your mobility, don’t worry, you are in the right place! 

It’s time to pack your suitcase!

Romania represents all the characteristics of the continental climate. In winter, I advise you to bring your down jacket, as temperatures can drop to -10°C. Don’t panic, in the summer you can find your t-shirts with temperatures up to 30°C. As in France, the hottest months are July and August.

No, it’s not the same currency!

The Lei is the currency in Romania. When you exchange your euros into Lei, don’t be surprised by the kichta you will receive. With a hundred euros you will receive 500 Lei, be careful to exchange your money via an exchange office, an ATM will take too much commission.

Transport in Romania and beyond 

Romanian urban transport is quite complete, you will find buses, metro, tramways. You will see that there are yellow kiosks in all the districts of the capital where you can buy your pass or tickets. If you want to go elsewhere, there are direct ferry lines to Vienna and Budapest via the Black Sea.

Don’t hesitate to leave tips.

In France, the concept of tipping is seen as a plus given to the waiter or waitress for his or her competence, kindness… In Romania, it’s a real mark of politeness, so think about it, it could avoid being seen badly ahaha.

Do you need more advice? Contact us about your internship abroad in Romania, we’ll be happy to help you ?