Hello, you are about to go on an internship in Slovakia and you are stressing about how to prepare the mobility, don’t worry, you are in the right place! 

What to put in your suitcase?

Slovakia is THE country for hiking, be it through mountains, lakesides or forests. So my first advice is not to forget your hiking boots. You won’t feel a thermal shock with France when you arrive in Slovakia, the temperatures are quite similar, so you will find in summer strong heat too.

Transport in Slovakia and beyond

In the big cities, you will find everything you need to get around, buses and trams are everywhere. You can also take the train which criss-crosses the country, it’s a bit faster than the bus ahah. You can also venture via the Danube to the cities of Vienna or even Budapest!

Cultural and sports activities

The Slovak capital Bratislava is full of monuments, museums and historical buildings. The castle is the symbol of Bratislava with its 47-metre high tower that gives an unmissable view of the city. The Slovak national theatre is also worth a visit, where you can listen to opera, which will change you from Naps or PNL.

English not for everyone in Slovakia

English in Slovakia is often reserved for the working world, so during your internship don’t be afraid to express your language skills, this is the only way to progress 🙂 

Do you need more advice? Contact us here for your internship abroad in Slovakia, we will be happy to help you.