Hello, Azerbaijan is on your list to go on an internship and you are wondering what are the important elements to know before taking your decision, you are at the right place! 

It’s time to pack: what to take?

The climate in Azerbaijan is variable. In the north and west, temperatures can be very low, reaching -30°C with heavy snowfall. If you want to go to the north or west in winter, I recommend you to take your down jacket, winter socks, gloves and hat. If you go to the centre of the country or to Baku, the climate is moderate but very windy. In the mountainous areas and in the south of Azerbaijan, the climate is humid with lots of rain. From October to February it is the rainy season. I recommend you to take your best rain gear! If you go in summer, it is very hot in the whole country. 

Once you are there: how do you get around? 

If you choose to go to Baku, you can choose between minibus, taxi and metro to get around, which are very affordable. In the provinces, taxis are your best choice. They are also very cheap. What more could you want? 

A different currency: which currency to use? 

The currency used in Azerbaijan is not the Euro but the Azerbaijani Manat. For 100€, you will get about 170 Azerbaijani manat. Please note that the manat is only convertible in Azerbaijan. You will not be able to exchange your currency before entering the country! You will be able to exchange your currency either directly in banks or in exchange offices. The exchange offices are present in all the cities except in Baku where the exchange offices have been replaced by automatic machines. Be careful with the exchange fees! They can be high in some offices. 

Cost of living: what budget should you leave with? 

The cost of living in Azerbaijan is low. You will be able to get around by cheap transport. If during your internship you want to reach the mountainous areas, the cost of transport will be more expensive. 

Is Azerbaijan a safe country?

Azerbaijan is still a safe country. However, I would advise you to avoid carrying “banana” bags as they may attract attention! If you have several banknotes on you, I recommend that you don’t expose them to the public when you are in shops or exchange offices. If you use these good practices, you won’t have to worry about anything! 🙂

So don’t hesitate to contact us for your internship in Azerbaijan ?