After some advice for your internship in tourism, we give you advice to go on an internship in Thailand: what budget? When do you have to leave? Which vaccines? … ect!

If you want to go on an internship in Thailand, no vaccine is mandatory! However you must check all your usual vaccines (tetanus, polio, diphtheria). Doctors can possibly recommend anti-malarial treatment. And also beware of tap water, it is not as drinkable as in France 🙂

Silver side!

Most businesses only accept cash, and establishments such as luxury hotels will take the card. To limit costs, eat at the market is downright cheaper and diversified (about 3 euros per day)! The accommodation is largely affordable: 3 to 5 euros per night in a standard hotel. Basically for 10 euros per day you’re easy.

Things to think about your internship abroad

Adapters (different plugs), a conversation guide to get the basics, clothes all seasons (it’s raining, it’s hot, it’s raining, especially during the rainy season :)), the passport must be valid for at least 6 month, your French and international driving license, warn your bank if you leave, ..

The spoken language

English is widely spoken in big cities like Bangkok. But when you travel on buses and taxis, the language will be Thai. Street names are displayed in English.

So, if you want to go on an internship in Thailand, contact us, we will answer you with pleasure ! 🙂