Hi there! Yes, you who are looking for an internship in Morocco. You want to know more about the kingdom, only 15 km from Europe, before coming? Here is a ‘Top 10’ of Moroccan anecdotes.

A Kingdom?

And yes, Morocco is a country with a political peculiarity! It is indeed a constitutional monarchy. More than 30 countries have a similar regime. For you it doesn’t change anything special, it’s just good to know it 🙂

Blue City

Do you know Chefchaouen? You’re missing out otherwise. The houses are literally painted blue! It’s beautiful. But why do you ask? It’s because of the history of the city where Sephardic Jews found refuge. Blue in Judaism represents the sky and the sea. Today the locals carry on the tradition regardless of their faith.

Mint tea national drink

If you’ve ever tasted Moroccan mint tea, you’ll understand why. This tasty drink is consumed everywhere in the country. It is the drink of friendship and hospitality, just like the good French pinard. This drink has a central place in the life of every Moroccan and in social interactions.

Morocco as a mountain ?

Morocco is a very mountainous country of all the Maghreb and North African countries, Morocco is characterised by its highest mountains. The Atlas mountain range is home to the Toubkal peak, which rises to 4167 m!

There is the highest ski resort in Morocco

Morocco is covered in snow! Every winter the ski resorts are in full swing. Morocco is also the highest ski resort in Africa! Prepare your skis and slam your best tricks in winter. 

The currency

The currency of the Kingdom is the Moroccan Dirham, 1 € = about 10 Dirham. Remember to change your currency before coming and make the necessary administrative arrangements at your bank 🙂 On average the cost of living in Morocco is divided by two compared to metropolitan France

The valley of the roses

This is the nickname of the Oued Dades valley in the south-east of Morocco. This magical place is a must during your internship in Morocco. It is a hike that is worth the diversions, especially from the end of April to June, the flowering period.

Love of football

Well, it’s no secret that football is the most popular sport in the world, but Morocco holds sport in its heart a little bit stronger than elsewhere, you’ll be dribbling and scoring goals with your sos’ after your internship.


Morocco is the second most wine-producing country in Africa, yet alcohol consumption in the kingdom is regulated. It is strictly forbidden to drink in public, including on outdoor terraces in the street. For non-Muslims, it is important to remember that alcohol consumption is obviously impossible during the Ramadan period.

Cat everywhere

Cats in Morocco are everywhere. Integrated into the public space, they live in harmony with the locals who take care of them. You will see little bowls of water for their use everywhere. I hope you’re not allergic, as many of them will follow you if you enjoy the street food 🙂

You are now more informed about the Kingdom of Morocco and ready to leave for your internship in Morocco. Don’t hesitate to contact us here if you want more information 🙂