Hello! Are you interested in Tunisia and would you like to discover this country? The International Horizons team offers you a top 10 of anecdotes about Tunisia

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Tunisians are generally very professional. They are punctual and like to take breaks especially during the hot seasons.


In Tunisia, the national holiday is held on March 20; this date celebrates the anniversary of the independence of



Beyond the mountains, in the south of the country, the Sahara desert begins. The Tunisian Sahara presents a particularity not very visible in other places: the chotts (large salt areas).


Tunisia has a 98% Muslim population. There is also a small Jewish community present mainly in Tunis, Djerba and in the southern villages as well as a small European population (French and Italians in particular).


If you love couscous, you can taste the couscous with fish which is a typical Tunisian dish.


Tunis has been ranked the most affordable city in the world among 209 other cities, for the last two years, according to the latest international MERCER cost of living survey produced each year.

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The city of Hammamet is the largest tourist resort in Tunisia and has attracted many Europeans since 1960.

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In Tunisia, more than a quarter of the population lives in the capital Tunis

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The city of Kairouan is the fourth most important city in the Islamic world after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

Top 1

The Tunisian SMIC has been increased in Tunisia by 6.5% to about 403 Tunisian dinars per month (about 125 euros).

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