Hello young adventurer ! You plan to leave for an internship abroad: you are in the good place! In this blog, we speak about the top 10 essential apps to go abroad. Thanks to International Horizons, you will travel cheap, and do internships abroad will be easier !

Wifi Free – to have unlimited internet

With this mobile application, you can find the hot spots closest to you! And it gives you the password also. It’s great, huh? You’ll be able to surf safely, for free, and get spoiled on Game of Thrones. Wifi Free, it’s unlimited free, we recommend it.

WhatsApp – to communicate easy

WhatsApp it’s free, easy to communicate. You can call with, send messages, send photos. No more excuses not to give news to your grandparents ? Thank you International Horizons!

Do you have everything? – to pack your suitcase

A free application to pack your bags and forget nothing! No more passport galleys at the airport, jeans on the beach, umbrella in England and company. Do you have everything? Save your stay abroad by managing your suitcase.

Calcbot – to convert currency

The nice free app to convert money, and do not get yourself at the exchange offices. In addition to this app, we give you an advice: look on the internet before your departure if you have to change in France, or abroad. This advice is worth, and will save you money.

Image it – to communicate in foreign languages

This app is great! Just enter a word and you have the image that corresponds. You do not have to struggle to translate, and to pronounce sentences so that everyone can make fun of you: you just have to show the image.  App used, approved 100%.

Maps.me – not to lose you

Easy feezy, you can download maps for free. And, the must : use them offline! Finished the paper maps, the pollution and the waste of time to be lost in your new destination of your internship abroad thanks to Map.me.

Tourpal – to be unbeatable

Another free app. This time, it’s a guide available. The app lists the monuments and must-see points in a maximum of place. And, it explains ALL you need to know. All. It is a kind of Wikipedia free tourist guide. WE love.

MemoryTrip – for unforgettable memories

Simple and free, you can manage your trip through an online notebook. It’s easy, and it keeps your memories without taking up space on your mobile.

HD Travel Tips – to be safe

Efficient and free, you can know everything about your destination, in terms of security. It is good to learn about insurance, and the situation of a country. We strongly advise you to download it; security is paramount.

TalkTalkBnb – to find free hosting

Easy to find free hosting through TalkTalkBnb. The deal is simple: you register, and you leave. The only counterpart is to talk to your host in your native language: pretty good!

AroundMe – to locateIt’s great !

With this application, you can locate bars, gas stations, hospitals, banks .. all the essentials to discover a city serenely.

We hope this will help you travel easy feezy and reduce your expenses for your internship abroad. The International Horizons team still has plenty of tips to give you, so take advantage of being here to contact us we take care of everything for your internship abroad.