Are you interested in an internship in Georgia? As in every country, you can imagine that there are some fun facts about Georgia! I’ll be able to give you all of them! 

A story about Georgia: the birth of wine 

And yes, Georgia started viticulture long before Europe and France! Georgians have been perfecting this wonderful beverage for over 8000 years. Wine is an integral part of Georgian culture, beliefs and customs. Georgian wine is known for its unique technique of being made in a clay jar. If you go to Georgia, I strongly recommend you to try Georgian wine, which is the basis of their culture! 

Georgia anecdote: surprising meals

In Georgia, a guest is really seen as a gift. So, when a Georgian invites people to their home to share a meal, it is not uncommon to have a master of ceremonies. Don’t be surprised by this! The master of ceremonies is there to ensure that everyone has a good time and that there is enough to eat and drink. When toasting, it is customary in Georgia to raise your glass and say “Gaumarjos” which means “health”! 

An anecdote about Georgia: a unique language

A fun fact that I like very much is that the Georgian language is a mixture of Iranian and Greek. Hence the different alphabet from ours which has 33 letters! The Georgian language has evolved throughout history and has not always been what it is today! In short, if you want to learn Georgian, you can do so, but be aware that you can only speak it in Georgia! 

An anecdote about Georgia: a country with many names

Georgians do not call their country “Georgia” but “Sakartvelo”. This is quite surprising since most countries in the world call it “Georgia”. Georgians call themselves Kartveli, referring to the Kartli region. According to rumours, the name Georgia refers to Saint George. Even today, it is not clear where the name of the country comes from! 

An anecdote about Georgia: changing capital over time

If you go back many, many years (3rd century BC) the capital of Georgia was Mtskheta and not Tbilisi. Mtskheta is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a must-see if you go to Tbilisi. 

An anecdote about Georgia: a capital with a name referring to heat

The name Tbilisi has its origins in the hot springs found in several places in the city. Tbilisi refers to the Georgian name “tpili” meaning “hot”! 

A story about Georgia: a great ecological diversification

Let’s talk about ecology, Georgia is a very diverse country from an ecological point of view. It owes this to the various climates present in the country!  

A story about Georgia: a spectacular cave

Being a little bit of a cave enthusiast (yes yes I assume!) and if you are the same or remotely interested (??♂️), you should know that you will be served in Georgia as the deepest cave in the world is located there! This cave is called Veryovkina and it is located in the Gagra mountain range. 

An anecdote about Georgia: confusing conduct

Georgian driving is not at all similar to French driving. You can find yourself in a taxi that suddenly overtakes another vehicle at full speed because the driver has been perceived as being offensive. It is also not uncommon for vehicles to overtake others on bends where visibility is totally non-existent. One last piece of information on driving, in most vehicles in Georgia, seatbelts are non-existent. Don’t be confused by not being buckled up in a car! 

An anecdote about Georgia: a life out of step

You won’t be able to find coffee in Georgian cities before 11am. Georgians are not really morning people and most shops open from 10am. Essential services such as doctors don’t usually open until 9am. The idea is not to have a medical emergency before 9am otherwise it can become almost impossible! 

Now you know all about the fun facts about Georgia! It gives you a bit of material to exchange with the locals once you’re there! Don’t hesitate to refer to them in your exchanges! And if you want us to make your wish to go to Georgia for an internship a reality, contact us!