Top 10 anecdotes about Bulgaria! Here we go for a list of things to know before leaving for Bulgaria (Why not in the context of an internship in Europe?)

1 First thing to know about Bulgaria: The nods to say “yes” and “no” are reversed! Do not go wrong there. Do not worry, we do it quickly

2 Did you know? Yogurts are Bulgarian! Do not hesitate to take advantage if you go on an internship in Bulgaria, I am sure they are very good!

3 In Bulgaria, the city of Koprivshtitsa is a real open-air museum! This place is very popular with Bulgarians. Go for a walk there will see beautiful typical houses.

4 Bulgarians are hyper chauvinists! The Bretons only have to behave!

5 You will hear in Bulgaria “Thank you” pronounced in French, it is a historical legacy that dates from the nineteenth when it was BCBG to speak French.

6 Bulgarians are a little superstitious, they will avoid having to have important projects on Tuesday!

7 The Black Sea bordering Bulgaria, is originally a lake! Go for a walk!

8 The Bulgarian people are very direct, do not feel offended there, they speak to you directly. It is a mark of cordiality in Bulgaria.

9 Did you know? Marc Zuckerberg has Bulgarian roots from his grandfather Marco

10 The Bansko spot in Bulgaria is super famous for skiing, you know where to go now if you want to enjoy winter sports!

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