Top 10 anecdotes about Colombia: before your internship in South America, discover some cultural elements of Colombia! Because, no, Colombia is not just about Shakira – even if you love her! –

The stamp business

As soon as you want to sign a more or less official document, you have to go before a notary. And, a very flourishing business has developed around this practice: it’s a stamp for everything!

Police checks

They are very common! Foreigners are still concerned, but they occur very regularly. They make everyone get off the buses, and check each person’s identity cards. Sometimes, the control is pushed to the point of being filmed by the policeman…

Hey, doctor!

There are many doctors in Colombia, but they are not doctors. In France, you’re a doctor when you get a doctorate. In Colombia, if you’re a little expert in your field – you judge yourself – you’re a doctor: so there are doctors everywhere.


They must wear black vests with the plate number written on the back!

Music and dance

Music and dance are very important in Colombian culture. And there is a golden rule in Colombia, when you hear music, start moving! And for a little Colombian sound that changes you from Shakira, listen to Toto La Momposina!

A bit of History

The country is young, and so is its population: it’s only 20,000 years since men first set foot on Colombian soil!

Pablo Escobar

Even if he’s not a very nice guy who massacred hundreds of people, we can recognize him as an act of charity (or strategy?): offered to cover the Colombian national debt.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Nobel Prize winner for Colombian literature, he is the most prolific Hispanic author. Despite his recent appearance in the Panama Papers, his books are highly recommended, it is very poetic and you will learn a little more about South America with each reading.

The Café

It is the third largest exporting country in the world! And they are big consumers, coffee in Colombia is at any time of the day or night!

The look

When you shake hands with someone in Colombia, you look them straight in the eye. It is a sign of respect to look someone in the eye for a long time.

I hope this blog on the top 10 anecdotes about Colombia has helped you discover some nice anecdotes about Colombia and made you want to discover this country thanks to an internship abroad! If you want us to give you a hand, contact us!

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