Top 10 anecdotes in Estonia: there’s a lot to say! This small European country has plenty of surprises in store, and is often at the top of the rankings in the fields of entrepreneurship, living together and technology. The country has managed to combine History and Modernity, making it a country full of charms, and leaving us with some interesting fun facts. This top 10 anecdotes from Estonia invites you, in just a few lines, to discover this Baltic country, and maybe even make you want to go and do your work placement abroad.

Freedom of the press

Estonia, this small European country, has a lot to offer and certainly deserves our attention. It is often praised for its achievements in various fields and can serve as an example in many respects. For example, Estonia is ranked number one for press freedom in Europe. This recognition highlights its commitment to freedom of expression and the importance attached to media pluralism. As the French, we can certainly take lessons from our European neighbours when it comes to press freedom.


Another fascinating aspect of Estonia is its trend towards secularism. With only 16% of the population declaring themselves religious in 2015, the country is considered the world champion of atheism. This statistic reflects a progressive society that values freedom of belief and emphasises the separation between state and religion.

Today, secularism is a central value in Estonia, guaranteed by the country’s constitution. Estonian citizens enjoy freedom of religion and conscience, and the Estonian government is committed to maintaining a strict separation between religious institutions and the state. This approach encourages diversity of belief and allows everyone to practise their religion or choose not to without suffering discrimination.

Estonian secularism is also reflected in the absence of religious influence in the political, educational and legal spheres. Political decisions are taken on a secular basis, education is mainly secular and laws are based on democratic and legal rather than religious principles.

The secular nature of Estonia contributes to a climate of tolerance and mutual respect. Estonians are open to different beliefs and to intercultural exchanges, thus encouraging diversity and the integration of the religious communities present on their territory.


What’s more, Estonia is recognised as one of the greenest countries in the world. Alongside Costa Rica and the Scandinavian countries, Estonia has taken significant steps to preserve its environment. Almost 50% of its territory is covered by lush forests, making it a veritable haven of biodiversity. Nature conservation initiatives and sustainable development policies have enabled Estonia to distinguish itself on the world ecological stage.

Tallinn airport

Tallinn airport is known for its fun and unique tradition, which reflects Estonia’s spirit of openness and opportunity. When you arrive at the airport, you have the opportunity to pin your business card on the walls provided for this purpose. This tradition allows travellers to make business contacts in an original and informal way.

Just imagine, you pin your business card on the wall and anyone can pick it up if they think there’s an opportunity to do business together. It’s a creative and interactive way of encouraging meetings and exchanges between professionals. You could end up with unexpected partnership opportunities, exciting projects or even life-changing encounters.

This tradition at Tallinn airport reflects the entrepreneurial spirit and unconventional approach that characterise Estonia. The country encourages innovation, creativity and open-mindedness, and this is reflected even in the little traditions of everyday life.

So, the next time you pass through Tallinn airport, don’t forget to pin your business card on the walls and let yourself be surprised by the opportunities that may arise. Who knows, maybe this little card could be the start of an exciting entrepreneurial adventure or a fruitful collaboration. Tallinn airport is much more than just a transit point, it’s a place where ideas meet and opportunities become reality.

The most beautiful?

Interestingly, Estonia is also known for its high number of supermodels relative to its population. This is a testament to the beauty and diversity of Estonians and can be a fun curiosity to discover during a stay in the country.

Modernity everywhere!

Now let’s talk about technology. Estonia is at the cutting edge of innovation and digitalisation. It’s fascinating to note that Internet access is available practically everywhere in the country, even in the middle of the forest when you go to observe animals such as lynxes, brown bears or wolves. Estonia also stands out as the European country with the highest number of predators in the European Union. This is testament to its rich biodiversity and its commitment to wildlife conservation.

Record illiteracy rate

Another impressive aspect of Estonia is its high literacy rate. With only 0.2% of the population illiterate, the country has the second highest literacy rate in the world. This underlines the importance placed on education and learning, making it an environment conducive to personal and professional fulfilment.


Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a true medieval gem. Its historic centre is virtually intact, preserving the essence of its glorious past. It is remarkable how well the city has preserved its buildings from that era, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Strolling along the cobbled streets of the old town is a magical experience, where you will feel transported back in time. Every street corner offers architectural surprises and living testimonies to Tallinn’s history.

Kalamaja: modern meets ancient

Another district well worth exploring is Kalamaja. This modern, trendy district has become a hotbed of alternative culture, street art and creativity. Its colourful streets are packed with trendy cafés, art galleries, vintage boutiques and coworking spaces. It’s a great place to meet local artists, creative minds and budding entrepreneurs. What’s more, less than 20 minutes’ drive from Tallinn, you can also enjoy the superb beaches of the Baltic coast.

For students doing an internship in Estonia, the country offers a wealth of exciting opportunities. Its innovation-friendly environment, dynamic start-up ecosystem and commitment to technology make it an ideal place to gain rewarding work experience. Whether you’re interested in technology, e-governance, entrepreneurship or sustainability, Estonia offers fertile ground to develop your skills and broaden your professional horizons.

The top 10 anecdotes in Estonia are over! Estonia is much more than just a small European country. It’s a country that stands out for its freedom of the press, its secular attitude, its commitment to the environment, its original culture and its environment conducive to innovation. Whether you’re fascinated by Tallinn’s medieval history, its unspoilt natural wonders or the professional opportunities it offers, Estonia will captivate and inspire you. So get ready for a unique adventure, discover new perspectives and broaden your horizons during your work placement in Estonia, the land of opportunity and fulfilment. All you have to do is get in touch with us!

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