Top 10 anecdotes in Estonia : eh yes my friend ! Despite the reputation that the West gives to the Baltic countries, Estonia also has some fun facts ! Tour of the 10 most striking fun facts of this charming Eastern European country. Top 10 fun facts about Estonia: it’s here!

  1. It is the highest ranked European country for its freedom of the press! French, let’s take lessons from our European neighbours.
  2. It is the least religious country in the world: only 16% of the population declares to have a religious conviction in 2015! It is therefore the world champion of atheism.
  3. Estonia is also considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world, along with Costa Rica and the Scandinavian countries! In addition, its territory is 50% covered by forest.
  4. Tallinn Airport has established a very fun tradition! You can pin your business card on the walls of the airport, and anyone can take it if he/she feels that there is a way to do business together: a good way to develop partners in an original way!
  5. The country is the one with the most top models in relation to the number of inhabitants: enjoy.
  6. Estonia is very technologically advanced. You can even get internet access anywhere in the country, even in the middle of the forest when you see lynx, brown bears or wolves! Because Estonia is also the European country with the most predators in the European Union.
  7. Only 0.2% of people are illiterate, which makes it the second country in the world with the highest literacy rate.
  8. Tallinn is an almost untouched medieval capital: it is the city in the world that best preserves the buildings of that era, many of which are U.N.E.S.C.O. listed.
  9. If Lithuania is Basketball champion, Estonia organizes the biggest competition in the world for women’s litter: men have to carry their girlfriends through a wild race!
  10. And what interests you the most for your internship in Estonia: it’s THE country of the startup; it’s the country with the most startups per inhabitant!

So, for your internship in Estonia, don’t make any preconceived ideas and discover the Baltic countries during your internship abroad!

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