Hello ! A little top 10 anecdotes in old-fashioned Lithuania. Because we know that you like it 😉 What to be prepared for in Lithuanian life when you become a European trainee ?

1 Slow life

Lithuanians are very relaxed, they move on foot or by bike, without ever hurry! It’s truly pleasent. By cons do not forget to be on time for your internship in Lithuania. They are pretty picky about it paradoxically.

2 Basket ball 

Do you like basketball ? In Lithuania, more than a sport, it is the second religion of the country! Striking example: during the Eurobasket in 2011 Lithuanians had squarely set up temporary basketball courts in the city center! Want to snap your best shots (no alcohol that shot so eh?) Bah go to Lithuania!

3. Vilnius St Paticks Day

Every year for St. Patrick’s Day in Vilnius the river is dyed in emerald green. A surprising show! If you have the chance to attend send us your best photos because it’s really crazy!

4. Language

Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages still spoken today! What to think when you come back from your internship in Lithuania and that you will stall your best idiomatic expressions in the evening.

5. A country not misogynous

Women have the pleasure of being able to walk in the outfit they want without fear of being bored in Lithuania. In addition, Dalia Grybauskaitė was the first president in power under the banner of the European Union.

6. Baby run ? 

For the day of the protection of the childhood, the Lithuanians organize races of babies. It is a real institution in Lithuania.

7. A National parfume

The Lithuanian government commissioned a perfumer a scent that symbolizes the country. The military and ambassadors were able to enjoy this fragrance named “Lithuania”.

8. All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day is celebrated in Lithuania! We are not necessarily very used to France but in Kaunas for example, candles are placed on the ground in the streets.

9. The biggest oak in Lithuania

Stelmužė Oak is the largest tree in Lithuania. Its age is estimated between 450 and 550 years for a circumference of 9.7 meters in 2014. Lithuanians take really care even if the restoration process is very expensive.

10. The street

The streets in Lithuania are very clean, there are bins everywhere. It is rather pleasant to fully enjoy your trip to Lithuania.

Here ! You now know more about Lithuania. Interested in an internship in Lithuania? Go to contact us, we decarcasse and it changes everything ?