Top 10 anecdotes about Malta: if one day you hate to go to Malta, but you’re not missing the little extra that will make you wobble, ahhhh my friend I hope these fun facts will be decisive! Ready for your internship abroad?

1) Do you like air conditioning or not? Over there, and as often in southern regions, air conditioning is present in most hotels! Don’t forget to check this point before booking.

2) A typical Maltese beer to taste: the Cisk!

3) If you find that Maltese architecture reminds you of London or the British Isles, don’t panic: Malta was colonized by the British Kingdom. A few red telephone booths are still present.

4) It’s night very early and day very early compared to France where we have long sunny evenings: at 9pm it’s game over.

5) The number of churches is very important and for good reason: 90% of the Maltese population is Catholic!

6) The abandoned buildings and abandoned constructions that you see everywhere are not repercussions of the crisis, Malta has not been very affected. It’s only building regulations that were passed overnight and destroyed the real estate market, forcing many builders to leave buildings unfinished.

7) Malta has 440,000 inhabitants, and there are 300,000 car accidents between 2012 and 2013: be careful if you drive there, it’s not the best of the best.

8) Malta also has one of the highest car rates per 1000 inhabitants in the world (top 10 ranking): around 600/1000.

9) Playmobil, let’s hear the stories! One of the 4 factories is located in Malta. The island also has its Playmobil Park for young and a little older people!

10) On Malta, the problem is not very common, but if you go to the island of Gozo right next door, remember to always have cash with you. Shops, grocery stores and restaurants only accept cash. And there are no ATMs around every corner… In Gozo, they are mainly in the capital, Victoria.

So, you ready for your internship in Europe or what? We’re waiting for you anyway and don’t forget : if you have any questions and you plan to do your internship in Malta, we’re here to help ya ;). Top 10 anecdotes about Malta!

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