Doing an internship abroad in Mauritius is an opportunity to work in a paradisiacal setting. Here are the Top 10 anecdotes about Mauritius.

Did you know that Mauritius has had several nationalities?
Arab sailors were the first to inhabit the island, followed by the Portuguese, then the Dutch, French and Brazilians before it finally gained independence in 1968.

Did you know that Mauritius is the most densely populated country in Africa?
Its 790 square metres are home to almost 1.3 million people. If you’re looking for total solitude, you’ve missed it!

Did you know that the dodo was originally from Mauritius?
Unfortunately, it is now extinct and is the emblematic animal of the island! You can find it everywhere, in all its forms; stuffed animals, T-shirts … a good idea for a gift to bring back to your little brother or sister.

Did you know that each colour of the flag has its own meaning?
Red: the colour of the flaming ones.

Blue for the sky and the Indian Ocean.

Yellow for sand and sun.

Green for lush nature and sugar cane fields.

Did you know that there are sand dunes of seven colors on the island?
Chamarel. In the southwest of the island in a natural site, you can find sand dunes of seven colours. You can try to mix them, they always return to their original colour. It’s enough to drive you crazy!

Did you know that Mauritians bake chili cakes?
Mauritian gastronomy is a concentrate of exotic flavours! Beware of sensitive palates. Very well known on the island, chili cakes, each with its own taste.

Did you know that they make their own beer?
We know you love it. This is your chance to discover Phoenix beer made in Mauritius.

Did you know that the island has its own local dance?
Olé, get ready to dance! The Sega consists of dancing by sliding your feet on the floor without ever lifting them. Why is that? Because the sand made it impossible to do sophisticated steps.

Did you know that the names of the cities in Mauritius are quite fun?
Trou Fanfaron, Banane, Deux Frères … The names of villages, towns and places in Mauritius are sometimes surprising. Between poetry and exoticism, they surprise and make you laugh!

Did you know that you can swim all year round even in winter?
23°C in winter, 29°C in summer … it makes you dream.

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