Top 10 anecdotes about South Africa: the opportunity to get to know this beautiful country before your internship abroad! Thanks to this blog, discover the little anecdotes of the families about South Africa: ready, steady, GO!

A slap for France

We are often very proud of our wine, but South Africa puts a little slap on the back of our necks to calm us down. The country has the longest wine route in the world: 850 km of vineyards to discover, to test the excellent products of South Africa.

EDF 0, South Africa 1

South Africa has the cheapest electricity in the world.

This is one of the oldest mountains in the world! It’s home to no less than 2200 species of plants (I thought I was pretty good with two avocados, 1 ficus and 3 cacti!). And that’s not all: 70% of these species are endemic.

It’s so important, it can be seen from space! 15 km of tiny fish move over 40 meters of depth with dolphins, birds and whales in their furrows just waiting to enjoy the feast.

One step ahead!

In 2006, South Africa was the 10th country in the world to recognize same-sex marriage. With 80% of Christians in the country, one wonders what the problem was with taking so much time in our European countries!
The golden land

20% of the gold mined in the world comes from South Africa.

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