Near the Caspian Sea and on the border of Europe. Historical city and a nation of today aspires to modernize towards the West.

Baku : 

Are you on a quest for discovery? This is the city for you! It is an elegant, interesting and even amazing city. Just turn around in its streets and you will discover different architectures and eras, each one more fascinating than the other. You have enough to feast your taste buds and your eyes in less than a day.

Quabala : 

Have a sudden urge to travel at any time? You must come here! The climatic conditions of the region create opportunities for the development of summer and winter tourism. A city full of history and attractions to keep your mind busy.

Gandja : 

Historical treasure is what means Ganja. City of brick, which gives a beautiful color. Walking around the city, you will see historical buildings, mosques and some small silent parks. One of the extraordinary places you must see is a bottle cabaret: a two-storey house, entirely built with bottles and colored stones.

Mardakan : 

You like hiking, you will be served in Mardakan. A seaside resort but also known for its fortifications: the round tower and the rectangular tower are two monuments to see with your own eyes. Only 30 minutes away, you can admire the burning mountain called Yanar Dag.


Do you like volcanoes? I advise you to take a look at the Gobustan reserve, which is exceptional both historically and naturally. You can go to the national park that gathers about 350 mud volcanoes. You will see at least 6000 rocks carved and engraved by man from 40000 to 5000 years before Christ.

Sheki : 

Whether in winter or summer the small town of Sheki has a lot to offer in terms of historical attractions. Located in the lowlands of a densely covered hillside, which extends to the south, while to the north you will find impressive snow-capped peaks of the Great Caucasus. The possibilities of hiking in the high landscape are endless and it is just a good way to get around the city.

Qusar : 

Do you like skiing or even snow? This city is home to one of the largest ski resorts in the Caucasus and the largest winter resort in Azerbaijan. You’ll have plenty to warm up with a good raclette!

Quba :

City full of history and great landscape. Rich nature, exceptional heritage, hospitality and friendliness are the cocktail that this lovely city of Azerbaijan will offer you. In excellent archaeology it will give you important secrets that were unknown until now. This experience will surely fascinate you!

Nakhitchevan : 

You are attracted by the therapeutic virtues, this city can interest you, it possesses salt caves, located at the edge of the river Nakhitchevan. Its treatments are known to help people with breathing difficulties. The city also has many historical attractions including the Mausoleum of Yusuf ibn Kuseyr, the Alinja-Gala fortress, and the Khan Palace. Don’t forget to visit the Mausoleum of Noah!

Soumgait :

Designated as a major steel producer. This city is filled with a legend that explains the name of the city and the river that borders it. Today it has an interesting history museum and good places to eat.

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