L’une des plus belles destinations d’Amérique du Sud t’ouvres ses portes. Elle possède de nombreuses richesses, naturelles et culturelles. Tu pourras profiter pendant ton stage !

Bogotá : 

Big city, which gathers some small unusual villages, you will be able to make as activity: a visit of an ostrich barn, or an agricultural festival where you will be able to make a battle of tomatoes. But above all, Bogotá offers a great cultural and gastronomic diversity, so enjoy!

Medellin : 

Hiking session or animation you will be served there! Often called “the city of flowers” your eyes will be obsessed by the beauty of the city. You will have something to occupy you with the international festival of the tango, the fashion shows, the fair of the flowers. Don’t forget to taste the city’s specialties!

Cali :

Known as the city that never sleeps, you can learn salsa and even participate in the world salsa festival. Not only that, but you can also admire its architectural works and taste its gastronomy!

Popayán : 

A little further south of Cali, and rather quiet. It is the ideal destination to relax in the tranquility of the hot springs. Its cultural richness encompasses traditions, buildings and cuisine.

Cartagena :

City known for its history and atmosphere. You will have the chance to dance until the early morning. But also to taste the flavors of the Caribbean! As for the activities, you have the choice: either you go to the beach, or you can sail to the Rosario Islands to observe the natural park or else a more unusual activity: you can take a mud bath in a volcano.

Barranquilla :

A festive, joyful city. Everything is an excuse to party! But not only that, the city is close to the sea so you can sunbathe and do water activities galore. You can only create unforgettable memories. Between the sea and the mountains, you have plenty to keep you busy.

Pereira : 

You like coffee, go for it in Pereira! The city is full of history and monuments that are worth a visit. Besides coffee, you can find Chontaduros with aphrodisiac virtues at every corner. Rather calm city you will be able, to visit in all peace!

Santa Marta :

Nicknamed “the pearl of America”. Its location between the mountains and the sea with its many historical and cultural monuments, its diversity of fauna and its famous beaches allow you to go there.

Manizales :

Gateway to three of the natural reserves including the Yarumos, the sanctuary of the Blanco River and the del Pensamiento. It is an ideal place for ecotourism. A perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the Colombian culture.

Barichara :

Charming city, cobblestone streets, white Andalusian houses with red tile roofs, Barichara offers a landscape that fascinates. An atmosphere and decorations that are not only peaceful, but also breathtaking.

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