Top 10 most fun cities in Cyprus! Your internship abroad is in Nicosia? But where else to go in Cyprus during your internship? Here is a brief overview:

Larnaca : 

A trendy weekend, where strolling along the seaside and drinking galore in one of the city’s many tavernas. A port and seaside town, ideal place to have fun. A destination without spending too much!

Nicosia : 

You want to do an internship abroad near the sea but also bars, you have to go here. Typical Mediterranean climate. Like in the southern cities, there are olive trees, palm trees and orange trees. Something to sunbathe in after your day. Its activity mainly focused on the manufacture of textiles, leather, pottery…

Limassol : 

Limassol is famous for its cultural traditions and a wide range of activities, museums and archaeological sites are available to visitors. Also, famous for its festivals, such as the carnival, the wine festival, a massive popular parade and costume parties held every night. You’ve got plenty to enjoy for a while.

Paphos : 

Site of exceptional interest, intimately linked to the cult and legend of Aphrodite. You can admire the temple of Aphrodite and the mosaics of Nea Paphos. They are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean world. The architectural remains of villas, palaces, theaters, fortresses. You have plenty to visit!

Famagusta :

Jet-setters or vacationers, you must come here! In search of festive and trendy parties. The 3 cities that make up this “fashionable” population.

Agia Napa :

You want to dance and sunbathe, go Agia Napa. Its beach is annually designated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Often touted as “the place to party”, it offers more family-friendly attractions, with its nighttime amusement park in the center of town. Known for its endless summer nights. You have the choice between clubs, discos, the arrival of international stars and concerts.

Protaras :

Tourist resort mainly known for its sandy beaches, the most famous of which is Fig Tree Bay. There are dozens of large hotels, luxurious villas, restaurants, pubs and other facilities related to a flourishing tourism and rather family, the city being a priori, more quiet than its close neighbor Agia Napa.


The word Paralimni means “by the lake”. Historically, Paralimni was built on the shores of a shallow lake, filled only in winter. The heart of Paralimni consists of modern shops, cafes and bars.

Páno Léfkara :

Are you a manual person, who likes to create? Páno Léfkara is for you! Known for its embroidery and crochet lace work and for its qualified goldsmiths. You will also be able to visit a museum located in a traditional house, quite a typical experience, no?

Platres : 

If you go there, you will see one of the highest waterfalls in Cyprus, with some hiking trails to guide you. The charming village has a small quality vineyard nearby. Then at your disposal unique attractions, such as a chocolate workshop, a rope park, and an exhibition in its cultural center.

Convinced by this beautiful island for your internship abroad? In need of sun ? Fancy some culture during your experience? Don’t hesitate to contact us right here 🙂