Between snow and sun, you will be well served there. You will know a little bit about the cities in Finland. They offer different activities that might interest you. Oh yes, if you want more advice on how to go to Finland don’t hesitate to check our site.

Helsinki : 

When you go, you will be surrounded by tolerant and well-bred people who value art and nature. But not only that, you will have at your disposal parks surrounded by woods and the sea. The landscape of the city is animated by numerous cafes and markets.

Lahti : 

Every year in Lahti there are international jazz and organ festivals, writers’ and poets’ workshops. You can visit the sports center, the slope palace, the ski museum, the hikers. You can take a walk with friends or family in Lawn Park and ride your bike through the attractions. You won’t be able to get bored.

Oulu :

Known for its scientific research and modern university town. In the summer, you can rent a yacht, fish and play sports on the beach, as well as rollerblade or bike. In winter you can go on a safari or ski in the woods. If you are a sports fan this is the place to go!

Rovaniemi :

Capital of the Finnish province of Lapland and “Santa Claus”, having a popular ski resort. Every year the resort offers something new. You can visit modern icebergs and in the evening after a day of relaxation in the sauna or visit the restaurants. Every evening in town, you will attend theatrical concerts.

Savonlinna :

Today, the city is known as a spa, which houses many beauty and wellness centers. It is the ideal place to recharge your batteries: massage parlors, saunas and beauty salons are always open to guests. If you stay in a hotel, you should know that each one has a well-equipped gym and a swimming pool, so if you are a fan of active relaxation you will not be disappointed by the level of service.

Tampere :

This place has many historical sites and strange things. You can also explore the lakes in the area on a relaxing rowing boat trip or a good-sized boat cruise, without returning to the saunas. From the lakeside town, you can treat yourself to a rewarding Finnish sauna session!

Turku :

This is one of the oldest cities in Finland, an important cultural and economic center. Guests have a wide range of entertainment options available, including a range of restaurants and shopping centers, sports facilities and scenic parks, as well as excursions, museums and attractions and other cultural programs.

Espoo : 

Espoo in terms of tourism is a cocktail of culture, business and scientific life. You can visit art exhibitions, go to sports and theater, music festivals and concerts. Above all, do not leave without visiting the five museums located in the building of the old urban printer. Do not hesitate to visit the largest aquarium in Northern Europe Serena before your departure.

Porvoo : 

You like to cook, you can do your internship abroad there! Porvoo organizes a culinary competition every year in August. Porvoo is known for its historic district with wooden houses and small cafés with old-fashioned charm. During the summer months, several art fairs and many local events, including flea markets, concerts and various animations on the banks of the river are organized. You can take a quiet walk in the woods or fields as you wish.

Naantali :

The city known as “the sunniest place in Finland”. You can sunbathe and have a drink on the terrace. Filled with history and anecdotes, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the many fine restaurants in town and the various activities, attractions and experiences on offer on the island so you won’t be bored.

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