Are you planning a trip to Ireland and wondering which are the most fun cities in this beautiful country? You’ve come to the right place for an overview of the 10 most fun cities in this country! 

Dublin – the capital and also the most beautiful city

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and also a very popular tourist destination. It is THE most beautiful city in the country. If you are a history and culture buff, this city will appeal to you because of its cultural heritage. If you enjoy the nightlife, you will also find plenty of restaurants and pubs in this city. 

Cork – authentic Ireland on a human scale

After Dublin, Cork is the second most important city. It is THE most picturesque city in Ireland with its vibrantly coloured houses. Originally, Cork was a salmon fishing village. It is a city with many tourist attractions. You can go on excursions to discover Irish culture and folklore. 

Dundalk – a vibrant town 

Dundalk has a very strong nightlife. If you take a walk through the streets of Dundalk, you will soon realise the lively atmosphere everywhere. If you go to Dundalk, the Dundalk Stadium is a must-see Irish greyhound racecourse. It is the only racecourse open in all weathers. Dundalk is also known for its great social scene. The Spirit Store is one of the best music venues in the country. If you’re a fashion lover, you can check out the town’s unique shops for pieces you won’t find in the big stores! There’s a lot to do in this city! 

Limerick – a welcoming city

Limerick is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the country. It is a relatively quiet city. You can explore the pretty, colourful houses in the city. It is a very welcoming city which is totally suitable for a language stay. By discovering this city, you will be in total immersion. The little plus of this city is that it will be very easy for you to make yourself understood in English! Discover Ireland with Limerick!

Galway – a city with a rich cultural heritage

Galway, a city in the west of Ireland, is one of Ireland’s most famous destinations. It is a lively and festive city that will be a highlight of your internship abroad. If you go to Galway in the summer, you can attend many cultural festivals. It is also a city where you can have a great time and get to know the Irish culture. You will have an incredible experience when you go to Galway! 

Kilkenny – a city with lots of activities

Kilkenny is a city located just over a hundred kilometres from Dublin. It is one of the most active cities in Ireland. You can discover the exceptional scenery offered by the city’s castle, the cathedral and the old Kilkenny district. You can also go for a walk and enjoy the pedestrian streets. I recommend Kilkenny to discover this medieval city!

Drogheda – a town known for its heritage

Drogheda is an Irish town known for its heritage and history. You can visit Mellifont Abbey Castle and its beautiful botanical gardens, which are located just a few miles from Drogheda. This town also attracts tourists who want to have an authentic Irish experience. You can also visit the various pubs in the town to enjoy the Irish experience with a good Irish beer. 

Wexford – a festive town

Wexford is a town in Ireland known for its nightlife. If you go to Wexford for an internship, you will be very well received by the locals. The town has many pubs and nice places to visit. During your placement you can kayak on the River Slaney, visit the ruins of the town’s castle and enjoy the beaches and sea views. In Wexford you will have everything you need to enjoy your stay! 

Sligo – a city of many historical monuments 

Sligo is an Irish town with beautiful scenery. If you’re a football fan (or even if you’re not), you can watch a game of football at the town’s local club, Sligo Rovers Football Club. The town has many restaurants and bars where you can sample the local cuisine. You can also take advantage of the town’s proximity to the sea to go for a walk. 

Waterford – a vibrant tourist town

Waterford is a vibrant city with a vibrant city centre and cathedral. It is also a tourist city with many museums, art galleries and theatres in the city offering a wide range of cultural activities. If you’re more of a night owl, there are plenty of restaurants and pubs in the city. You can also take a walk along the banks of the River Suir to enjoy the city’s beautiful and picturesque scenery. It’s the perfect way to relax! 

I hope you’ve been able to find out more about the most fun Irish cities and that this will help you decide which city to go to for your internship abroad! If you have any other questions or would like to talk about your project in Ireland, please contact us! ?