Top 10 of the most fun cities in Italy, to find ThePlace that best suits you for your internship abroad. To go to Italy, you have to be ready for two/three things: take in the view, be ready for the touch and enjoy the good food 😀 Top 10 of the most fun cities in Italy: let’s go! 


If you want to visit the heart of Italian culture, it is in Florence that you should do your internship in Italy. The city is an open-air museum: it’s sublime. And, the word is certainly not strong enough to describe the beauty of the city. Florence is by far the most beautiful city in Europe, unanimously agreed by the International Horizons Team! Although Prague is very nice too. Florence offers an incredible number of activities, and the city is self-sufficient to enjoy itself for months on end! 


Little known in France as a tourist destination, however, Bologna is a big Italian city, and it’s really very beautiful. The city is very dynamic, like Milan, Rome or Florence, but has the advantages of a medium-sized city: everything can be done on foot, like Nantes or Bordeaux. It’s one of the big student cities in Italy!


The capital! “Only Paris is worthy of Rome, only Rome is worthy of Paris”. Like the French capital, the Italian one is an open-air museum: it’s very beautiful. And, like all Western European capitals, it is very dynamic; the city has undergone a real transformation in the last twenty years or so, and is adapting to the mass reception. You can’t get bored in Rome, day or night. 


The capital of Sicily! Palermo is one of the great historical and political cities of Italy. Palermo stands out in particular in its fight against fascism and racism: for the mayor of the city, Palermo belongs to those who love it! The city receives many migratory flows and there are no more problems than in the rest of the country (cuckoo MLP;)): it remains a poor city, which is still struggling to recover from the internal wars when the cities of the North impoverished the South. Palermo is ideally located: beach, culture, political passion, sun; everything is there to enjoy a chill stay!


To the South too! The advantage of Bari is above all its geographical situation: a large Italian city on the seaside, facing the Balkan countries! During your internship in Italy in Bari you can sail (yes yes) to Albania, and discover the Balkan countries: Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia etc! Bari is a relatively chill city 🙂 


The unmissable Italian museum! Fewer tourists are accepted: cruise ships have been banned in the city centre for a few years now, and the confinement to give Venice back to the Italians, drastic measures will be taken to reduce the number of tourists who make visiting the city hell. Apart from this point, Venice remains more than pleasant to live in: atypical, the city offers an unlimited number of activities. Beware the prices are higher than in the rest of Italy, as they are boosted by mass tourism. 


Kiki the Dictator makes it a personal matter to defend Milan, personally (Seb) I’m not a big fan: it’s beautiful, it’s big. But, for me, Milan represents more of a big European city than an Italian one; you don’t find the usual Italian chill&care atmosphere. Despite everything, Milan is still a very beautiful city, and really very dynamic: ideal for an internship in Italy. In addition there are regular flights and really very cheap: you can even return by wkend with your family if the need arises!


A small town in Northern Italy, near the Slovenian border, Udine is a very charming and ideally located city. Indeed, from Udine, you can easily go and visit the Italian Alps and the Dolomites, Venice, Bologna, Trieste or push in 3H to the Slovenian capital or Koper: it’s top!  


Perfect city for those who want to work in import export, or logistics! COUCOU les B.T.S. C.I. ! Gêne is one of the great European ports; it’s pretty, dynamic. We really appreciate the town, which offers, like Lorient in France, a relatively calm way of life compared to the rest of the country: surely the proximity of the sea. 


Naples! The city is relatively poor but sublime! Unfortunately, like Paris, or Nantes, the city has some problems of insecurity related to drug trafficking; but past this concern, Naples is THE Italian city that gathers all the clichés we have about the country. The people are very welcoming, it’s chill & family!

And Belluno for 11th city!

Just because we like it a lot!

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