When the time comes to spend your vacations in Mauritius, you can easily get confused because there are so many things to see and discover. Discover this little gem nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, a dream destination to visit in a week, or two for the lucky ones.

Port Louis : 

This is by far the most visited city certainly because of its multiculturalism and its businesses. The city is a living museum of the island’s diversity, as the crowded Port Louis market offers a wide selection of local, street and aromatic foods. Chances are, you’ll want to revisit Port Louis and its market place; as this is where you’ll find the island’s most iconic souvenirs!

Grand Baie : 

The small tourist village of Grand Bay is undoubtedly the main attraction of northern Mauritius. Its public beach is considered by locals and tourists as one of the best in Mauritius. Grand Bay is always full of bars and clubs and is definitely a dream place to enjoy the nightlife of Mauritius.

L’Ile aux Cerfs : 

Ile aux Cerfs is a small paradise island of one hectare adorned with lush vegetation and exotic nature. Ile aux Cerfs has a world-class hotel, a green golf course and several restaurants. Whether you are on the island for a vacation or a honeymoon, you will not be bored. Many activities are available to you, such as snorkeling, glass bottom boats, sailing and many other water sports.

Chamarel : 

The small village of Chamarel is also known for its many waterfalls located quite close to each other. The view is accessible by stairs, which makes it the perfect place to take a selfie with Mother Nature! There is also an adventure park with intermediate areas in the middle of the natural landscape, perfect for group vacations!

Rochester Fall : 

Rochester Falls is a unique tourist site in Mauritius. The waterfall is famous for its lava cliffs that have been honed by years of erosion. If you are good, you can even swim in the calm and clear water.

Le Morne : 

Le Morne is one of the most beautiful villages in Mauritius. The village is home to the “Morne Brabant” which encapsulates much of the history of Mauritius. The hill has a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean. Moreover, the beach is characterized by crystal clear water, comfortable white sand, and rows of trees with the “Morne Brabant” as a background. What could be better?

Flic en Flac :

The best place to stay on the island. Flic en Flac is a village a few kilometers away with an endless white sand beach. With a water temperature of 27 degrees in a turquoise lagoon and a rich coral reef, Flic en Flac presents itself as one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius.

Ile aux bénitiers :

One of the best kept secrets of the island. With the seductive features of a giant elongated clam, this small piece of land is filled with beaches immersed in translucent waters. Very well preserved, the island offers idyllic conditions to relax and enjoy life.

Tamarin :

Tamarin is a much less touristy fishing village that also has a beautiful beach and a different view of Le Morne. This peaceful village on the Black River is particularly popular with Mauritians and offers the opportunity to mingle with the locals.

Macondé :

The famous rock of Macondé is accessible by the one that offers a panoramic view on the whole coast. An obligatory visit at Macondé Fast Food will allow you to discover the local cuisine in a rather kitsch setting very different from what we know in France. A walk along the beach will allow you to meet fishermen and you will have the chance to buy your dinner.

Quatre-bornes : 

Quatre-Bornes is a large town in Mauritius, quite central. It is the occasion to make a small tour to the market which will plunge you in the heart of Mauritius. Accessible, you will be able to have a drink, or sunbathe.

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