TOP 10 most fun cities in Norway! Norway: land of the Northern Lights, glaciers and fjords, but also of good beers like Belgium! And not only that: welcome to the International Horizons blog – Internships Abroad, to introduce you to the 10 coolest cities to do during your internship in Norway!


Not to be missed, of course! The capital is a must during your internship in Norway; besides the Viking or ski museum and the Opera House, the city of Oslo offers a nice architecture, unlike Helsinki which is not very sexy. You can wander around the Gamle By district, to enjoy the old Oslo – which reminds a bit of Trentemoult in Nantes!


A city by the sea: the most “typical” side is certainly the old quays, and its colourful houses. You can also enjoy the three mountains that surround the town: Ulriken, Floyen and Bryggen; they are all funiculars, so it’s not a hassle to get there. It’s also the ideal starting point to visit the Fjords and the Bergen archipelago!


Very far north. Take cover! A good clue, by the way: there’s the Arctic Cathedral. Or Polaria, the Arctic Aquarium. Tromso is the ideal city to discover Norwegian culture under a polar cold: and you’ll see that life changes radically: whether it’s the organization of the days or the organization of the city.


It is above all the city to push up to the Preikestolen, a very advanced rocky viewpoint with a breathtaking view of the fjords: it is magnificent. The only downside is tourism: it’s difficult to enjoy the view alone! The viewpoint remains nevertheless the obligatory passage if you pass in this Norwegian city.


Trondelag of his local little name! It’s surely THE unsgrammable city of Norway: waterfront, wooden buildings, all colorful, to make Bristol in the UK look like a dream! But not only; it is also one of the shopping destinations: there are many shops offering local and locally made items. The opportunity to bring back a unique souvenir of your internship in Norway.


The city was ravaged by fire in 1904, and the architects decided to rebuild everything in the ‘Art Nouveau’ style, using a Viking style, making it one of the sexiest cities to visit, and above all, unique in the world.


Gundbrandsdalen! This is the ideal place for long walks in the forest as the town is organised for: you can therefore put on your crampons and set off to discover the local fauna and flora, summer and winter alike. It is also classified as a ‘cultural city’ on the U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage List, making it one of the most culturally dynamic cities in Norway, only 200 kilometres from the capital Oslo.


Located in the South, by the sea, there are also many lakes in the vicinity! Ideal place for hiking enthusiasts. And, if you want to reach the city: you are only a few hours by ferry from Gothenburg.


One of the ideal cities for lovers of coastal paths or hiking. There are even some nice waterfalls, and rafting activities: sports enthusiast, you are at the right place!


As for Sandnes, except that there it is Spiralen that you have to visit : it is one of the 2020 destinations chosen by TripAdvisor 🙂

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