Urban beauty and what it has to offer, Slovakia remains off the beaten path for visitors. Here are our picks for the 10 most fun cities

Bratislava :

Walk to the impressive White Castle or get lost in the old center. Don’t forget to stop at one of the many pubs along the way.

Banská Bystrica :

Between flying activities and visiting historical sites. Nearby, Mount Sitno is the highest mountain in the region and offers a good hiking.

Levoča :

You will be fascinated by its most beautiful sites and monuments. Go there, stroll through its charming alleys and explore its Gothic museums, places of worship, including its castles. Welcome to Levoča, the most charming historical town in Central.

Les Tatras :

The Tatras are a series of mountains located in the Carpathian Mountains. They also have many lakes, such as Lake Oko, considered one of the five most beautiful lakes in the world nearby, which you should definitely stop by. There are many activities available in the Tatras and the park, such as winter skiing, nature outings, guided hikes, etc. You can also take a walk by the lake and enjoy the special view.

Štrbské Pleso :

In order to fully capture the eye, you should definitely go to Štrbské Pleso. This ski resort is located in the Tatra National Park. It offers the possibility of a breathtaking view of the Tatras. Fed by a large mountain lake, Štrbské Pleso resort is as famous for its beauty as for its facilities.

Spiš Castle :

Located on a rocky hill, it overlooks the magnificent beauty of Spiš and the village of Žehra. The entrance to walk around the center of the ruins is not free and takes about 30 minutes.

Bardejov :

Let’s visit Slovakia slowly from the point of view of traditional heritage. While walking around, you will discover still active ruins that were once one of the economic and cultural centers of European merchants. A city worth visiting, both in terms of itinerary and timing.

Trnava :

Has an architecture of unparalleled charm: from its very religious buildings and the baroque style of its streets is a must-see. Because of its small size, it is very easy to get away, to explore the Slovak countryside: small towns, valleys and surrounding lakes.

Bojnice :

Its castle has made its reputation! With the atmosphere of a princess’ castle, Bojnice Castle welcomes many tourists and lovers who choose to celebrate their union. Bojnice also has a zoo. For those who enjoy zoos, you should know that this is the oldest and most visited zoo in the whole region and you will see a large number of animals over 400.

Orava :

It is a splendid complex of three parts, armed palaces, fortifications and towers. All three are connected by tunnel bridges, which makes the visit to the castle even more enjoyable. Perched on its rocky hill, Orava Castle overlooks the plains and the calm and peaceful Orava River. Orava Castle is one of the country’s greatest attractions, its reputation preceded by its romantic beauty.

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