Top 10 visits to Cádiz: the opportunity to quickly discover this beautiful city of Andalusia. A little sunny top to make the most of your internship in Spain!

Let’s go for the Top 10 visits to Cádiz!
1/ Playa victoria: Cádiz has many beaches due to its proximity to the sea, but one of the biggest is the Playa Victoria. Spread over several kilometers, this beach is quiet and offers many activities.

2/ Yacimiento Arqueologico Gadirc: This archaeological site retraces the history of the city and is very interesting to know its origins. Ideal for a family visit, the visit does not last very long however enough to make the tour.

3/ Torre Tavira : The “Torre Tavira” is an observation tower in Cádiz that allows you to have a breathtaking view of the city. The top floor of the tower has a huge periscope allowing a 360 degree view of Cadiz. The platform was once used to spot ships coming from America.

4/ Cathedral of Cádiz: This monument is the Roman Catholic Church of Cádiz. Its architecture and crypt make it an unmissable monument in the city. If you have time after visiting the cathedral, do not hesitate to take a look at the picturesque centre of Cádiz just next door.

5/ Park Genoves: This natural park by the sea has several species of plants, perfect for a family outing. The originality of its trees as well as the diversity of plants and the waterfall make it one of the sites not to be missed during your stay in Cadiz.

Only a few lines left for this top 10 of visits to Cádiz!
6/ Puente de la Constitucion de 1812: The “Bridge of the Constitution of 1812” was completed in 2015. With a height of 187 meters, it is the longest and highest of the Spanish bridges. Its sailboat-shaped architecture gives visitors the impression that they are boarding with it. This bridge is much appreciated by visitors and locals alike for its ease of access to Cádiz.

7/ Plaza de Las Flores: Located not far from the cathedral, it is in the heart of the old center. This plaza is characterized by its animation h24! In addition, many restaurants and merchants stand in this square.

8/ Cadiz Town Hall: The town hall is located on the San José square and not far from the port. Impressive by its size and architecture, it is easily recognizable.

9/ Museo Del Titere: Still no museum in this Top 10? well yes. The Museo Del Tiere otherwise known as the “Puppet Museum”. With a wide variety of puppets, the museum is a real success with young and old alike. A place to visit during your stay in Cádiz!

To finish off this top 10, there is nothing like water sports:
10/ Nautical activities: Being in Cadiz means being by the sea, so you might as well enjoy it! Many visitors as well as locals practice paddle, surfing or kayaking. So for water sports enthusiasts, Cadiz is THE destination to choose.

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