Top 3 countries where you work the most during your internship abroad! Hello to all of you. Today, we’re starting with the number of hours to work abroad. If you haven’t already understood it, in France, we’re OKLM with our 35 hours. But let me tell you that our little friends abroad work a little more. So, before you decide on your destination, let’s take a tour of the countries that work the most.

Internship in South Korea
You’re an ace at productivity? Do you feel like kicking it all in during your internship abroad? Go for South Korea: they’re boiling hot and have just reduced the number of hours per week to 52 hours. Clearly, if you’re determined, it’s an asset on your CV: Go tell HR in France that you, unlike the other candidates, still worked 52 hours a week during your internship abroad. Bim.

Internship in Greece
In second place, Greece is positioned with 42 hours of work per week. With the economy tending to recover, the teams are on the back foot, working 42 hours. That’s 7 hours more than in France. So, go the internship in Greece, we’re not here to pick daisies.

Internship in Spain
Contrary to the clichés that travel around the world, Spain does not just do the Siesta, and in fact, the teams do 40 hours a week. So you roll up your sleeves and kick it all in during your training camp abroad. Don’t panic, 40 hours a week, you still have plenty of time to make yourself a beach when you go out, or some tapas if you’re on a training course in Madrid.

The laws are not the same abroad, you have to take this into account. Generally speaking, in any case, do all other countries work more hours than France?

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