Top 5 destinations where to do your BTSA Landscaping internship. Hello, good morning! Today we are interested in the BTSA Landscaping. Where to find a hot internship abroad when our main missions are landscaping – landscape designer? We’ve selected 5 destinations where you can combine professional experience and nature.

Slovenia, a small green country.

Between the mountains and the Adriatic Sea, this country offers you breathtaking landscapes. Slovenia is a melting pot of Southern Europe. Here you will find a crazy inspiration for your landscaping assignments. Close to Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria, Slovenia is an ideally situated country that will allow you to easily travel during your internship abroad.

Sweden, ecotourism and heavenly scenery.

First of all we advise you to go abroad in the spring for an internship in the field of landscaping where you will have the most opportunities to have fun professionally speaking. Between its fjords, idyllic nature and baroque culture, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to blossom during your internship with your various assignments. Student life is great here, what more could you ask for?

Hungary, between thermal baths and lakes.

Going abroad to Hungary to do your internship is to combine relaxation with nature. With its lakes and numerous parks, Hungary will enchant you x1000. A country with an incredible culture where you will discover art in all its forms, its cosmopolitan and dynamic capital, its endless green and blue spaces… This destination has all the assets in hand to satisfy you and develop your creativity!

Ireland, pure contrast.
In Landscaping, you will be delighted in Ireland. This destination offers you the opportunity to develop your art of nature in its cities and countryside. You can move easily and quickly within the country, for example Galway-Dublin can be done in 2 hours, Dublin-Belfast in 1h30. This ease of movement will allow you to broaden your inspiration as every county is different. Social life level, you don’t even have to have any doubts, the Erasmus community is very developed and the Irish people are very welcoming.

Italy, the wild culture.
Whether you are in the North, South, West or East of Italy, this country will always impress you. With its parks, lakes, dolomites, cultures, you will discover new talents and your BTSA year is already validated. You will have the chance to learn a really sexy language, to improve your English, to enjoy your internship to the fullest, of course through your internship but also through its student life, its beaches and its cities.

If one of its destinations catches your eye, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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