Top 5 European capitals to do your internship abroad? Why go to the other side of the world for your internship abroad when you can do your internship in Europe? Level kiff, there is clearly enough to do. And at International Horizons, we know Europe well. Internships, studies or tour of Europe hitchhiking, the whole team has its own experience. So, nice and cute as we are, we make you a top 5 European capitals where you can do your internship abroad. Nan, nan, do not thank us: we are like that.

Internship in Madrid

To do an internship in Spain is good; but doing an internship in Madrid is better. Wait, we see you coming … Madrid, there is no sea. Certainly, little genius of observation, but in Madrid, you can enjoy your internship and your immersion without crossing your neighbor or landing without crossing your lover CM2 who slap you: hello, you too do an internship in Barcelona? Here. That’s how you finally find French. Madrid, you are likely to have a roommate at the top with Spanish-speaking students, a cheaper rent than at the seaside, a nightlife TOP TOP, and great companies to do your internship. Believe me, you will be very well in training in Madrid.

Internship in Dublin

Internship in Dublin is clearly one of the good ideas of the year. European capital of startups, Dublin is also very friendly with its warm population (and especially after 20h in a pub), its pubs and its rhythm of life. Unlike London, Dublin is a good living and not a stressed city! It’s also a good way to put your foot down if you want to stay in the country later and continue on a job: Dublin is hiring.

Internship in Hungary

The rising star of our destinations: the internship in Budapest. Besides the fact that the city is beautiful, it is not expensive at all. If you intend to travel or just enjoy the weekend to unwind, Budapest reaches you. Many startups are based in Budapest, the city is full of rewarding and cool internships.

Internship in Lisbon

Another European capital where to do your internship abroad? Lisbon, the capital of kiff and surf bonus. Cheap rent, capital by the sea, new European Silicon Valley for startups, you have everything to gain by doing your internship in Lisbon. Do not you speak Portuguese? No worries: today, most companies ask for English!

Internship in Amsterdam

Finally, this top 5 capitals where to do his internship could not be done without the undeniable Amsterdam: companies are nice, and all sectors are represented, everyone speaks English, the quality of life is at the top (cuckoo bike for you), and the nightlife at the top. The only downside, the rent is expensive: we will not lie. But a lot of companies pay their trainees, it’s always won.

And if you still hesitate, contact us, we discuss and we find you the perfect city to make your abroad! To contact us, do not hesitate!