Going on a humanitarian internship attracts you, you want to try the experience and go to a country in need. We will help you to better understand this total immersion in a local population. Here are our Top 5 advantages of combining humanitarian work and internship!

Helping people in need
Doing a humanitarian internship is first and foremost the pleasure of helping people, of feeling involved in a cause that is close to your heart. Africa welcomes many interns to give classes to children so that they can learn, for example.

Discovering a new culture
Going on an internship in Africa or elsewhere to bring your help, implies a total immersion in the local populations. You will be fed and housed on the spot, you will live in the same way as the locals. You will discover their way of life, typical dishes and local events that animate the life of the village.

A personal challenge
Doing a humanitarian internship will take you out of your everyday life, out of your habits, out of your comfort zone. It’s a real personal challenge that you’re taking on. This experience will give you a new perspective on yourself, on others and on the world. It is a way to know your limits and why not, to go beyond them. Because we are not going to lie to you, it will not be easy every day, the reality of the field is sometimes facing unexpected difficulties.

Opening your eyes to the reality that surrounds you
Sitting in your chair, in class, watching the minutes go by at length, the world around you continues to turn. Floods, earthquakes, epidemics, poverty, people suffer every day without us being aware of it. By going abroad as a wise humanitarian, you will be directly confronted with these difficulties.

Develop new skills
Offer classes to children in Senegal, help build wells, schools, orphanages bring meals to poor children. There are many and varied missions to be carried out for your humanitarian internship. You will be able to use your skills but also develop new ones.

You want to help people, get out of your everyday life and discover a new culture. International Horizons offers you humanitarian internships in Senegal and Morocco. Contact us and carry out your humanitarian internship in the field that interests you.

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