Top 5 islands where to do your internship abroad? The idea of doing your internship on a nice island would be more the kiff ? You surprise me, Jean Paul. So obviously, today is autumn, it’s grey, and you’re probably reading this article from your metro or bus. And then you think that finally, spending 2 months (or more!) on an island in the sun, it wouldn’t be so bad. We understand, and we support you in this process. As a result, we’ve made a list of our best islands where you can do your internship abroad.

Internship in Malta

The number 1 island par excellence where to do your internship. In the company, there are some, and in all sectors. Whether you’re in the building and public works, cosmetics, events, or commerce, there are internships everywhere. And to add some good news, the official language of Malta is English. The ideal, when you want to work in English in the sun. A little tip: don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible for your internship in Malta: as you can imagine, you are not the only one who can already see himself in the sun in Malta. So GOGOGO to contact us, don’t hesitate anymore!

Internship in Mallorca

An internship in Mallorca or an internship in Ibiza is a great destination for an internship abroad. So obviously, there are sectors that are more popular than others: tourism, events, sailing, commerce and real estate are at the top of the list. What’s more, we speak Spanish: the Holy Grail for all our Spanish speakers. VAMOS A LA PLAYA , so it’s from below!

Internship in Santorini

Another island, another atmosphere: the Cyclades in Greece. Doing your internship in Santorini or doing your internship in Corfu, you are still in the top of the top of the kif. You only have to look at the colour of the water, which is the same as the colour of the sky, to understand that we don’t have the same thing in France. The BTS Hotels and Tourism will be delighted: there’s plenty to do! Attention: if your internship is not accommodated, we advise you to contact us SUPER early so that you have time to find an accommodation (high season in Greece is unforgiving).  The best thing is to discuss it as soon as possible!

Internship in Taiwan

Doing your internship in Asia, on an island, is possible: simply by doing your internship in Taiwan. So, we’re not exactly in the same delirium, but Taiwan also has its secret beaches, and believe me, we’re not in Berck-sur-Mer (we kiss you anyway). What’s more, an internship in Taiwan is a big cultural slap in the face: a super enriching experience both humanly AND professionally. For the #PassionTaiwan, it’s from below!

Internship in Mauritius

Finally, and probably the most “turquoise water” island: Mauritius. If you like golf (amazing the number of golf courses in Mauritius), beautiful beaches, and start-ups, then a training course in Mauritius is exactly what you need.  We’ll help you find it if you give us a call or send us an email!

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