Europe is full of unknown destinations: all the more reason to organize a trip! And find yourself a little internship while you’re at it.

Vilnius :

It’s full of charming little streets, buildings/churches all more beautiful than the others, cafes to warm up, stores, alternative monuments and so on.

Kaunas :

You will see stores and galleries. Go to a concert or a party. You will only get good impressions at the end of your trip! The city also boasts the longest pedestrian passage in Eastern Europe.

Klaïpeda :

The country’s main port city, this beautiful town offers visitors a diverse selection of attractions. Explore its charming old town, see its castle and ruins and end the adventure in a beautiful festival attending its many ceremonies and festivals during the warm city. The most beautiful city in the country has so much to offer. Now you know what you have to do: the first flight.

Trakai :

The small town steeped in history is sure to be charming… Surrounded by some 200 lakes and numerous islets. Trakai is also the perfect place to rent a bike boat and get lost in the surroundings… At what time of the year and if the weather allows then don’t grow up and see Trakai a hot air balloon!

Palanga :

With its vast beaches, crystal clear waters and many entertainment options, this city is one of the best destinations in the country. You’ll find more than 2000 cafes and places that make the culinary experience not to be missed. It’s impossible to resist such a city, right? Therefore, you are expected!

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