Poland is a historical destination that still has few tourists. However, it is full of beautiful cities and very interesting parks. There is still a lot to do in Poland: memory tourism!

Krakow :

The second largest city in the country and perhaps the most beautiful, the central square, majestic with the Basilica of St. Mary, walk through the streets of Krakow to discover the churches, cultural events and the rest of the Middle Ages. Of course, the famous Wawel Castle located on the hill of the same name: a panoramic view of the city and the Vistula River on the hill will be provided! During your stay in Krakow, do not hesitate to discover the local cuisine.

Warsaw :

Warsaw is an economic, academic, cultural and major center with a wide range of historical sites and attractions to visit.

Gdansk :

The ideal place to take full advantage is the sandy beach between Sopot and the port of Gdansk. There are a large number of hiking and biking trails. In addition, Gdansk, like many Polish cities, has a lively nightlife with many discos, sidewalk cafes.

Wroclaw :

Music resonates throughout the city day and night, giving it an undeniable allure. Student City, you won’t feel out of place. Wroclaw is known for its culinary specialties, but it’s impossible to leave the city without sampling the spices.

Poznan :

A beautiful and surprising student city, off the beaten track. Poznan may be “the hipster capital of Poland” – but hipster in terms of a very “quiet” atmosphere. On the other hand, it is also a city with a historical background, it is here that Poland was Christianized and the first leaders of Poland were buried.

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