You want to go to Romania? Here we offer you the best cities to enjoy the nightlife or simply good deals while having fun!

Bucharest :

Between varied cuisine and very architectural nightlife. Young creatives abound, designers have set up their own districts, concept shops and original cafés abound. Lots of good reasons to go there!

Cluj-Napoca :

A visit to the city’s parks and green spaces is a must when visiting Cluj-Napoca. You will also find beautiful monuments that impress with their architecture. You will have plenty to keep you busy.Surrounded by beautiful lush forests and breathtaking beauty, Braşov represents a touch of heart that is shared by locals and expats alike. Put down your suitcase and experience its peaceful atmosphere.

Braşov :

Braşov has quite a significant cultural heritage. With all the festivals and ceremonies on the program, you won’t even be bored for a second.

Iasi :

This is a dynamic student city with anarchic architecture. Iasi stands out from the capital and prides itself on fostering its multiculturalism and peculiarities.

Constanta :

The city of Constanta has many attractions to visit. Like: Ovidius Square, the Roman mosaic, the city casino and the Fantasio Theater are the main attractions. The city’s museums are also worth a visit, such as the Museum of Popular Art and the National and Archaeological Museum. Relax on the beaches of the Black Sea. Discover 60 species of fish that have been recorded at the city’s aquarium.

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