According to a recent study by a company specializing in language training, Europe is THE continent where the language of Shakespeare is the most spoken (and best spoken) – for non-native English – and ahead of Asia . You can then do your internship in Ireland, but also in Slovenia, Croatia, Malta …

Of course, the golden prize goes to the countries of the North: the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland are in the top 5. The countries of Eastern Europe are in clear progression as Croatia, Bulgaria, Estonia. An internship abroad in Europe in an English speaking country is easier to find than before!

Why do an english internship in Sweden ?

The excellent scores of these countries are explained by their educational system different from ours. It focuses precisely on English which is a compulsory subject in primary and secondary education, and that for several decades! In comparison, learning foreign languages ​​in primary school has been a priority for the Ministry of Education only since 1989, thanks to Lionel Jospin’s first experiments with “EILE” (foreign language teaching). Well, life is expensive there, but an internship in Sweden will make you a unique experience on your CV!

An internship in Slovenia to speak english ?

And the answer is yes ! With German, English is a language commonly spoken in Slovenia since it serves as a basis for trade and tourism. To tell you: 60% of Slovenians aged 25 to 64 speak English. The younger they are, the better they speak English! 76% of 25-34 year olds speak it fluently, which is much higher compared to France. For being there, no worries to you: English is really mastered.

European Initiatives

The European Union aims to improve the level of English in all its countries! Exchange programs such as Erasmus promote European exchanges and interculturality. We must also go through partial or complete reforms of education systems: for example in Spain, the “bilingual education project” created by their ministry 20 years ago, aims to improve bilingualism among young people by offering them courses English as soon as possible.

As for France, it is ranked 32nd in Europe, juuuuuuste before Italy, as much to tell you that our level is not at the top of the top (an internship in Ireland or an internship in Slovenia can help you in this ultimate quest for progress linguistic). If you want to take a look at the study, it’s here.

Well, if you need any information on English-speaking countries in Europe, contact us! We have plenty of advice to give you and recommendations on the country you are aiming to do your internship abroad! Sympathy guaranteed