The Czech Republic is a little treasure of Eastern Europe. Here are some cities you should definitely visit or go to for an internship. If you want you can read our blog about living in Prague

Prague :

Visiting Prague is like discovering the setting of a fairy tale, where an infinite number of magical towers shelter princesses waiting for their prince charming. So, a little advice: enjoy!

Brno :

It’s not only a metropolis of modern architecture, it’s also a great university center filled with life that often supersedes a culinary and academic capital thanks to the wines.

Karlovy Vary :

Many people come for its healing baths, but Vary offers much more. Lose yourself in the city’s cobblestone streets, explore the city’s buildings, hike around the area for great views, or visit the city’s popular attractions such as its many activities.

Ostrava :

Ostrava is a lively city. It also hosts music festivals, including the major Czech festival, Colors of Ostrava. A huge underground city grows at the feet of visitors. Nicknamed “Heart of Steel,” it’s great to visit.

Olomouc :

According to some guidebooks, Olomouc is the second most beautiful city in the country after Prague. I recommend you check this out for yourself, you’ll hear back. The historical center is the prettiest part of the city. It has beautiful baroque buildings, fountains and typical bars and cafes where you can taste the famous Czech beer.

Kutná Hora :

Thanks to its network of cobblestone streets and squares, its stores, breweries and cafes, are particularly picturesque and have been listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

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