The Czech Republic is one of Eastern Europe’s little treasures. Here are a few towns you really must visit or go to for an internship. And if you’re doing an internship in the Czech Republic, you can read our blog about living in Prague! This top is dedicated to the 6 most emblematic cities in the country, to help you during your trip or your work placement abroad: enjoy! Top 6 most fun cities in the Czech Republic: here we go!

Prague, the capital

Firstly, the architecture is crazy. The city is full of beautiful historic buildings, such as Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral. The cobbled streets, romantic bridges and lively squares create a unique atmosphere that transports you into a fairytale.

Secondly, the nightlife is really cool. Prague has a vibrant bar and club scene, with great places to go out and party the night away. Whether you’re looking for trendy bars, traditional pubs or wild nightclubs, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Czech culture is also fascinating. The food is delicious, with specialities like goulash, trdelník and Czech beer, of course! You can sample all this at local markets and typical restaurants.

And then there’s the unique energy in the streets. Street performers, musicians, festivals, cultural events – it all makes Prague really lively and exciting.

If you like going for a walk, the parks and gardens are great for relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Letná Park offers a magical panoramic view of the city!

Oh, and I forgot the shopping! Prague is full of original boutiques, flea markets and art galleries where you can unearth treasures.

In the historic centre, you’ll find plenty of souvenir shops selling handicrafts and products typical of the region. Fans of vintage fashion will love Prague’s vintage markets. Retro clothing, stylish accessories and second-hand items are all within your reach. The Naplavka and Holesovice flea markets are two must-visit addresses for vintage lovers.

In short, Prague has a unique and warm atmosphere, with a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. You’ll love discovering this magical city and soaking up its fun and captivating atmosphere!

Brno, the student town of my friend Radovan ❤️

Brno is a super fun city with lots to do! First of all, the relaxed and dynamic atmosphere is really nice. The city is less touristy than Prague, which gives it a more authentic and friendly atmosphere.

The city centre is bustling with pedestrianised streets, lively squares and cosy cafés. It’s the perfect place to stroll, shop in the original boutiques and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Art lovers will love Brno, as the city is home to numerous art galleries and cultural events throughout the year. This is your chance to discover local and international artists in creative and inspiring exhibitions.

Brno also has a lively nightlife! There are plenty of bars and clubs where you can mingle with locals and international students and party the night away.

Brno’s parks are perfect for relaxing. Lužánky Park is a great place to relax and soak up the sun. You can also hire a bike to explore the city and its surroundings. If you like music, Brno has a varied music scene with concerts of all genres. Music festivals and events are organised regularly, and it’s always fun to discover new talent.

Karlovy Vary 

Karlsbad, known as Karlovy Vary in Czech, is a charming spa town with a fun and exciting side!

One of Karlovy Vary’s main attractions is its thermal springs, which are renowned for their healing properties. Walking along the elegant colonnades and tasting the hot mineral water straight from the springs is a unique experience.

The city is also famous for its International Film Festival, which attracts celebrities from all over the world. If you’re lucky enough to be there during the festival, you might get to see some of the stars and watch some exciting films. Karlovy Vary is an ideal place to relax and recharge your batteries. Spas and wellness centres offer a variety of soothing and relaxing treatments, including thermal baths, massages and body treatments.

If you love architecture, you will be enchanted by the city’s elegant buildings, which reflect a historic and aristocratic atmosphere. The walk along the River Tepla is particularly pleasant, with its picturesque views and elegant bridges.

In addition to relaxing activities, Karlovy Vary also offers options for outdoor enthusiasts. The town’s surroundings are ideal for hiking, nature walks and sporting activities. And of course, don’t forget to sample Karlovy Vary’s famous specialities, such as delicious wafers and herbal liqueurs. You can also take home a traditional porcelain cup, one of the city’s most popular souvenirs.

In short, Karlovy Vary is both a relaxing and fun destination. Whether you’re looking to relax in the spas, discover the historic architecture or enjoy the festivals, this Czech spa town won’t disappoint you!


Ostrava, a lively city in the east of the Czech Republic, offers a unique and varied experience.

For culture lovers, Ostrava offers numerous artistic events and festivals throughout the year. You can attend concerts, theatre performances, art exhibitions and much more. The city has a vibrant cultural scene that attracts both local and international artists.

Ostrava is also known for its industrial remains, which have been transformed into cultural and artistic spaces. Visiting the former Landek Park coal mine or the Dolní Vítkovice ironworks is a fascinating experience that immerses you in the region’s industrial history.

Nightlife in Ostrava is lively, with plenty of bars, pubs and clubs to keep you entertained all night long. You’ll have the chance to meet locals and international students in warm, friendly places.

The surrounding countryside also offers opportunities for outdoor activities. The parks, lakes and forests around Ostrava are perfect for walks and sporting activities. You can relax in green surroundings and enjoy the natural beauty of the region.

When it comes to gastronomy, Ostrava offers a varied cuisine with both Czech and international influences. Don’t hesitate to try local specialities such as knedlíky (dumplings), guláš (goulash) and trdelník, a delicious pastry.

Ostrava is also a dynamic student city, with several universities and a young spirit. You’ll have the chance to meet students from different backgrounds and take part in student events and university activities.


Olomouc, a charming and historic city in the east of the Czech Republic, offers an unforgettable experience with its rich cultural heritage and relaxed atmosphere.

Olomouc’s city centre is an architectural treasure trove, with its Gothic churches, Baroque palaces and historic squares. The main square, Horní náměstí, is a real gem with its imposing buildings and famous Holy Trinity column, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city is full of picturesque cafés and traditional restaurants where you can sample delicious Czech cuisine. Don’t miss the chance to try local specialities such as tvarůžky (stinky cheeses) and oplatky (thin waffles). There are plenty of students in Olomouc, thanks to its renowned universities. This student atmosphere energises the city and creates a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Olomouc is also a cultural destination, with interesting museums, art galleries and festivals throughout the year. Theatre and music also take pride of place, with quality performances. For relaxation, Olomouc’s parks and gardens offer a pleasant setting for strolling and resting. Smetana Park is particularly popular for its lovely views over the city.

If you’re looking to cool off, the fountains and pools create a refreshing atmosphere on hot summer days. One of the most famous fountains is that of the seven squirrels, a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike.

Last but not least, Olomouc is a great place to live, with a high quality of life and friendly locals. You’ll quickly feel at home in this charming city.

In short, Olomouc is a destination to discover for its historical heritage, student atmosphere and undeniable charm. Whether you’re looking to explore history and culture, relax in the parks or enjoy the city’s lively atmosphere, you won’t be disappointed by this Czech gem!

Kutná Hora 

Kutná Hora, a fascinating town in the Czech Republic, is a destination full of surprises and captivating history.

Kutná Hora’s main asset is its historical heritage. The town was once an important silver mining centre, which is why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old silver mines, Gothic churches and magnificent medieval buildings make Kutná Hora a real architectural gem.

Sainte-Barbe cathedral is one of the city’s most emblematic monuments. Its breathtaking Gothic construction and rich decorations make it a must-see. Kutná Hora’s charm also lies in its cobbled streets, picturesque squares and historic cafés. Strolling through the town is like stepping back in time, feeling as if time has stood still.

History and culture buffs will love the town’s museums, which present the fascinating history of Kutná Hora and the mining region. One of the town’s most impressive sites is the Sedlec Ossuary, a chapel decorated with human bones, a unique work of macabre art.

Kutná Hora also offers a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. It’s the ideal place to recharge your batteries, take a walk in the surrounding nature and enjoy a peaceful environment.

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