Georgia is a country to discover thanks to its rich heritage. There are many beautiful places and cities to visit. I will be able to give you here the most fun cities to discover in Georgia. 


Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is full of places to visit. You won’t want to miss the Peace Bridge, which allows pedestrians to cross the Kura River. It is a multi LED bridge that is beautiful to see, especially at night. In Tbilisi, the architecture of the city is really original, you will quickly realize it! Several architectural styles and periods are present, which gives a really surprising mix. Even if visiting a church is perhaps not the first thing you think of, I strongly advise you to visit the church of the Holy Trinity which is magnificent, especially at night with its multiple lights. For relaxation, you can go to one of the thermal centres of the city! For me, it’s really a must do as it’s quite surprising to discover hot springs in the heart of the city! And what more could you ask for than to relax after a day of training or after a day of sightseeing? If you like nightlife, you can also go out and enjoy the many bars and restaurants along Akhvlediani Street. Life in the capital is yours! 


If living in a capital city during your internship is not necessarily your goal, but you still want to go to a fairly large city, you can go to Koutaïssi. Koutaïssi is a very quiet city where it is pleasant to walk around, especially in the historical centre of the city. You can also go to the market of the city which is covered and rather dark where the locals sell spices, vegetables and handicrafts. In my opinion, this is definitely THE place to go during your stay! You can also go to the botanical garden of the city to walk around, take the funicular to see the city from above and go on the different bridges of the city which are quite original. For your nightlife, you can go to the bars and restaurants of the city! This will allow you to meet new people and have a good time! In short, you will have understood, Koutaïssi is full of things to do and places to visit. 


Batumi is one of the must-visit cities in Georgia. It is particularly known for its port. There are many historical monuments to see in Batumi, including the Cathedral of Our Lady and the Museum of Archaeology. If you are looking for more greenery, the garden of plants is also very nice to discover. This little town is full of places to discover and it will surprise you as it is a very pretty town! You can also get out of the city and explore the surrounding area. Although small, Batoumi is a must-see! 


Rustavi is located in the south-east of Georgia and is only about 20 km from Tbilisi. You can take long walks along the Kura River. For car lovers, you can go to the “Rustavi International Motopark” which is a car racing circuit. In the evening or during your free time, you can take advantage of the city’s few restaurants to taste the country’s food! 


Gori is an industrial city. In the city there is a magnificent fortress which is worth seeing as it is built on a high place and overlooks the city. It is a strategic city in Georgia because in the past, thanks to the fortress, it controlled the economic routes. If you go to Gori, you can go to the city of Uplistsikhe which is a city carved in stone. Gori is considered by Georgians to be the city of Joseph Stalin as he was born there. A museum is dedicated to him which recapitulates his entire life. It’s quite surprising because you can feel that Joseph Stalin is revered in Gori but you will only find this in Gori. In Gori, you can also find bars and restaurants to enjoy the nightlife. 


Zugdidi is part of the Mingrelia and Upper Svanetia region and is not a very touristy town. It is often just a stopover on the way to another city. As in most cities in Georgia, you will be able to discover this city which abounds in historical monuments, a botanical garden. The city is famous for its museum of history and architecture, called Dadiani. There are a few restaurants and bars in the city where you can enjoy Georgian food and exceptional wine if you are a wine lover. 


Poti is a port city on the Black Sea. There are many parks and lakes to discover in Poti and the surrounding towns. You can go and rest or simply walk around the lakes. If you like to go to the beach, you can go to the beach of Ureki in Poti. If you are interested in cultural visits, you can visit the Poti Museum of Colchian Culture which is an archaeological museum related to the history of the city. If you like to enjoy good restaurants during your “off” time, you will find good restaurants with typical Georgian dishes in Poti. 

Now you know everything about the cities to visit in Georgia. If you need us to accompany you in your search for an internship and to design a tailor-made programme for you, contact us!