The bathing district

The bathing district is a must-see place in the Georgian capital. It is a place of sulphur baths that soothe the skin and the joints.  This place is a very nice spot to watch the sunset with its brick roofs. 

The Narikala fortress and the Karlis Deda statue

The Narikala Fortress dominates the Georgian capital from Sololaki Hill. It is an enclosure bordered by a beautiful botanical garden. The fortress consists of two fortified enclosures between the public baths and the botanical garden. 

Right next to it, you can discover the magnificent Karlis Deda statue, erected for the 1500 years of the city. This statue represents a woman wearing a traditional costume and holding a sword to protect the citadel.

Rustaveli Avenue

Rustaveli Avenue is one of the most attractive streets in Tbilisi as it concentrates many monuments. The walk is long enough to see the huge square where the statue of St. George stands. Walking along this avenue, you will discover important buildings and places of the city such as the National Museum of Georgia, the Parliament, the Rustaveli Theatre or even the Academy of Sciences. This avenue is a place of power and known for its modernity. 

The Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Tsminda Sameba (Holy Trinity) Cathedral is one of the most emblematic places in the country. It is a magnificent building that dominates the capital with a very large square. The cathedral is 68 metres high, 77 metres long and has a surface area of more than 5,000 m 

The Peace Bridge

The bridge was built over the Mtkvari River. This project was proposed by the mayor of Tbilisi when raising funds to build a modern bridge connecting the old Tbilisi with the new district. The bridge offers a beautiful view of the Metekhi Church and Narikala. It is also a must for a visit to the Georgian citadel.

Avenue Aghmashenebeli

A street in Tbilisi that can be called the “Champs Elysées”. It is a pedestrian street on the closest part of the old Tbilisi. The pedestrian area is very lively as there is a lot of activity in the colourful cafes along the street.

The Qiacheli Quarter

This area is a very nice place, a little bit far from the city centre. It’s a place where you don’t see many tourists, which makes the locals much nicer. Very cool and lively place!

Dry Bridge Flea Market

This market will take you on a journey back in time. The flea market is located in the small park below the Dry Bridge. There are many items from the former USSR, lots of crazy junk and many artists exhibiting their work.

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