You want to venture into the city and make your own experience. I advise you Port Louis, full of culture and gastronomy, you will only have fun.

Fort Adelaide :

Known for its magnificent view of the whole city of Port Louis. Used as a concert hall, you will be able to take refuge there to entertain you.

Caudan Waterfront :

Centered around stores, malls and restaurants. If you go there, a little advice, go there relaxed, enjoy a little ice cream or other sweets. You will find bars, movie theaters, artisanal stores and especially a casino.

The place of weapon:

A very pleasant visit near the palm trees and in front of the oldest theater of the Indian Ocean and the government hotel.

The market of Port Louis  :

A must-see site to visit. This market offers different handicrafts. Little more, you can even taste the Dholl Puri crepe and its local drinks such as the Alouda (a delight ??)

Champ de Mars :

This is to be visited during the horse racing season (May to December). These races are held in the weekend, you will be able to live a real experience in singing.

Chinatown :

This is a city that contrasts greatly with Port Louis. You will find Asian restaurants, traditional pharmacies, stores and food stands on every corner. This place will transport you to another world.

St Georges Street :

Stroll down the street while taking in the typical Creole houses of the past. What, admire the colors that the city can offer you.

Blue Penny :

It houses works of art including the original statue of Paul and Virginia sculpted in 1881 by Prosper d’Épinay, as well as the famous Blue Penny. And plenty more, so I suggest you check it out.

Lieux de culte :

It is a historical city, also rich in places of worship: the St Louis Cathedral, the Jummah Mosque, the Kwan Tee Pagoda, Mary Queen of Peace as well as the Kaylasson Temple. These places bring together several religions in one city.

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