You are passionate about tourism and you want to live a rich, unforgettable and exotic experience? Between tropical beaches, ancient ruins and temples adorned with gold, we let you read our article: Tourism internship in Thailand. Located in South East Asia, Thailand is full of things to see and activities to do! It’s a country that never sleeps. The best for an internship in tourism?

Phuket, the paradise of the hotel industry

This small island, located in the south of Thailand will amaze you! It offers many accommodations: luxury resorts, family hotels or bed and breakfast. If you want to do your internship in the hotel industry, whether at the reception, in the entertainment or in the luxury sector, Phuket is THE destination of future hoteliers.

Bangkok, the multi-faced capital

Travels, trips !!! You would like to work in travel agency but you want to do an internship abroad, to practice English and be out of the ordinary? Bangkok will meet your desires! It is one of the most visited cities in the world and attracts a lot of French people. And so, a French travel agent for them is the opportunity to seize! Practice English with your colleagues and practice French with your clients. Nothing to be destabilized! And if you are 100% english speaker, do not worry, there are plenty of travel agencies in Bangkok 100% english.

Are you more cultural, passionate about art?

Thailand is more than 124 tourist sites! You can do your internship at the tourist office of Thailand, to promote the richness of its cultural heritage or do your internship in one of the many museums offered by the capital.

Are you more sea than land?

No problem ! There are many resorts in Thailand, with turquoise waters and fine sand. Have you ever thought about doing your internship at a diving club? The island of Koh Phi Phi, is the destination for a magical and unforgettable internship abroad. Renowned for its cliffs plunging into the sea and the richness of its seabed, this is the promise of a magical course. You will practice English, you will respond to customer requests and you will go looking for new customers. A 100% complete internship.

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