Discover unknown activities in Caen !

Often considered as the cultural and intellectual capital of Normandy, Caen offers many varied activities. The city is the capital of the Calvados department in the Lower Normandy region. Caen is very known for its historic and religious heritage with William the Conqueror, and also its numerous churches.

Caen in songs

But there are also some unknown activities in Caen that deserve to be better known. For example, there is a professional recording studio called Ça me chante ! that allows amateurs to record a song. This is a great way to live your passion if you love to sing but you’re not a great singer, or to have fun with your friends and keep a great memory.

Can in games

Otherwise, if you are a Cluedo lover, you can go to the following place : Petits meurtres entre amis (literally “little murders between friends”). There, you can play the famous game Cluedo life-size. It is a mix of improvisation theatre and a police investigation. It is fun to play with your family, your friends or your colleagues during the week or the weekend (day and evening). You can even have brunch if you go in the morning !

For the more adventurous people…

Moreover, if you’re fond of new technologies, you can go to padQuest. There, you will be able to play a paper chase with yours friends, family or colleagues. The paper chase is interactive and connected in real time, using touchscreen tablets. You can play riddles or treasure hunts, and the game takes place across the city.

Without an effort

Also, if you want to visit Caen as much as you can without walking too much, you can use gyropodes. These are two-wheeled, self balancing, battery-powered electric vehicles. This is a fun way to discover every little part of the city with a different kind of vehicle.

Come right now !

These are only a few examples of what you can do in Caen. The city is full of surprises and you definitely won’t get bored there !