Discover unknown activities in Lorient !

Biggest urban area of the Morbihan department in Brittany, Lorient offers many varied activities. The most famous ones are soccer games, the Groix island, the interceltic festival, just to name a few. But there is also a lot of unknown activities in Lorient. Get ready to explore the ciLorient !

Lorient from the sea

If you like Lorient for its maritime activities, why not discovering Lorient by the sea ? At the Eric Tabarly Sailing City, you can get on board of a real sailing boat. According to your level, you can even participate to the maneuvers. This will enable you to see Lorient from another angle in a fun and uncommon way ! Moreover, you can carry out a surfing training course on the coast. You can do this no matter what your level is, you just need to be over 6 years old. This is the perfect activity if you want to enjoy the sunny weather of Lorient in the summer while doing a little exercise and go beyond your limits.

Lorient from the sky

If you already know the maritime side of the city, don’t worry ! You can also discover Lorient from the sky. Indeed, you can experience a hot-air balloon ride over the city and its surroundings. This is a great way to discover sensations you’ve never felt before while seeing Lorient as you’ve never seen it before

Travel through time

If you want to find out about more unusual activities in Lorient, keep reading ! You can travel through time in an old Breton farm. In this farm, you are immersed back in 1850. You can see how the farm was operating at that time (animals feeding, butter churning, washerwomen working, etc.). And you don’t only watch these activities, you can participate ! Also, all of your senses are being awake. You can taste, see, listen, touch, smell… Spending a day in this farm will be a break from your usual routine. You will learn a lot, enjoy the food and experience, and have a lot of fun !

Come now !

If you think you already know Lorient, you’re wrong ! The city is full of resources and you will never get bored ! So what are you waiting for ? Contact us !