Discover unknown activities in Nantes !

Associated with St Nazaire, Nantes is the biggest city of the French Great West. Therefore, the city offers many varied activities. Indeed, the city is known for its port activities, for its castle, and for its “Machines de l’île” (literally machines of the island). But there are a lot of unknown activities in the city. Get ready to explore Nantes !

Nantes back in 1925

How about going back to 1925 and hunting the monster that terrorised Nantes at that time ? Download the application “Le Monstre” (literally the monster) on your smartphone and let yourself be immersed in a mysterious investigation. Adapted to the youngest and the oldest, this uncommon application will enable you to discover or re-discover Nantes from another angle.

Treasure Hunt

Still with your smartphone, download the application “Geocaching”. With this application, you can access a GPS that will lead you to many spots, where you can either write a few words in a notebook, take items if you leave some instead, etc… Basically, this is a giant treasure hunt within the city. You can play with friends, family or colleagues for a fun adventure in Nantes.

Guided by your smartphone

Another interesting application is “Mission Estuaire” (literally mission estuary). This application is a digital guide so you just need to download it and let you be guided through the city to discover the heritage, the landscapes, and even unusual places. This application is complete because it even indicates cafes, restaurants, or hotel if you want to take a break. If you want to visit Nantes in a way that is out of the ordinary, this application is perfect for you !

Escape Games

If you’re less fond of digital technologies, don’t worry ! There are plenty of fun activities to do in Nantes without your smartphone. For example, there is an original concept that is starting to be known : escape games. The goal is to be in a team and to manage to escape the room in a certain a time through puzzles, brain-twisters, investigations, etc… Moreover, you are immersed in a theme with a background story and outfits. In Nantes, three escape games look very fun : “La ligue des Gentlemen” (literally the gentlemen’s league), The Escape Hunt Experience Nantes, and Leave in Time. You can play with your friends, family or colleagues and have a fun time !

Don’t wait !

Whether you like traditional or unusual activities, you will never get bored. So don’t wait any longer, come to Nantes !