You decided to do your internship abroad but you still do not know which country to choose? Plenty of choices, but most students head for the UK or Spain. Stand out from the others and go to unknown countries for a professional internship!

Leave for an internship in Slovenia!

Direction Ljubjlana the capital of the country, Trieste on the coast, or Maribor to do the most of your stay. Slovenia, located between Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Italy, offers all the landscapes present in Europe, hence its nickname of “Little Europe”. It is possible to ski in the many ski resorts of the country, to surf the Adriatic Sea, to get lost in its forests, or to take a dip in its natural lakes. All this at a lower cost, because Slovenia is known for its low cost of living.

An internship in Estonia!

In northern Europe, nestled between Latvia and northwestern Russia, lies Estonia. Tallinn, its capital, and its 450,000 inhabitants, attracts every year more and more tourists but also entrepreneurs who come to settle there, since the country now offers foreigners an e-resident status. This status allows the creation and management of a company and an Estonian bank account from around the world, which is a considerable advantage for your internship search!

Or an internship in Bulgaria 🙂

If none of the first two countries has seduced you, you will not be able to resist Bulgaria! As a country in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly coveted country. Its weather, its 378 kilometers of beaches, and its reputation of new Ibiza are all good reasons to go for it. In terms of work, Tourism, Marketing, Trade and Health are the areas that recruit the most trainees. In terms of money, our wallet will be more than good. For comparison, in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, the cost of living is 62% lower than in Paris!

So, you choose which destination among these 3 countries for your internship abroad? If you want more information for internships abroad, click here!