You found your internship in abroad, in Thailand thanks to the great International Team Horizons! All you need to do is book your flight tickets and go abroad to your internship in Thailand. To be in the rules, and be able to take full advantage of your experience, however do not forget your visa for your internship in Thailand.

Visa for your internship in Thailand

The “Business Visa” (category B) is THE visa to do for your internship in Thailand. Follow our tips to maximize your chances of winning, but here’s a clue: it’s easy feezy winnie peezy the friend!

– Your passport, valid for at least 6 months for a 90-day visa. Visa must not expire in the next 18 months for a one-year internship in Thailand

– A visa application form: to fill out

– Your photo ID

– For an internship of more than three months, you must justify 500 € on your current account: you must be able to provide for your needs during your stay!

– An authorization from the Thai Ministry of Labor.

– A letter from this same person to justify your stay

– Documents of the company: registration of the company, name of the company, list of the shareholders …

When you arrive in Thailand, you must immediately return to the Foreign Workers Bureau. In general, your company accompanies you in your steps: no stress! And if you freak out a bit, take the pack 2, International Horizons take care of your visa for your internship in Thailand!