Living in Bucharest during your internship abroad, what is it like? It’s a bit of a change with the COVID, because the Romanians didn’t have the chance to have the help that we, French, had to fight economically against the COVID. The capital took a big economic spanking and is just starting to recover, but living in Bucharest is very nice. 

It’s cheap

Bucharest is one of the cheapest European capitals: no difficulty in going out, having fun, finding accommodation or travelling around the country. The average salary in the country is very low, which explains why for Western Europeans, Romania remains very economically advantageous. To tell you the truth, we were there last October, four of us, and we were taking taxis all the time to get around: 2/3€ a ride to go several miles. 

Be careful at night!

Not to muggings, because Bucharest is not a very criminogenic city: indeed, the country has made a lot of efforts to fight, and it is efficient. No, be careful with scams (don’t fool yourself!) and proposals: there are very extensive prostitution networks, and there is no lack of proposals. The economic slump is such that many young women and men prostitute themselves. The nightlife is still very nice, you will meet a lot of tourists in the old town of Bucharest from Thursday night. 

Bucharest is Latin

France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and … Romania! So, people are pretty cool, it’s very easy to meet people, and to make a network of friends to go out and enjoy your stay. In the city, as in the countryside, people are very friendly, and love to stay and chat for hours or have a drink. In addition, you’ll soon realise how close our languages are: Romanian is very close to Latin, just like our Italian neighbours.

What is it like to live in Bucharest during your internship abroad? Well… it’s still very nice! You can even take advantage of it to go to Transylvania on the tracks of Dracula, or to the Black Sea, to enjoy the sun and the seaside resorts, or to go hiking in the Carpathians, contact us !