You want to go on an internship abroad in a capital city and you have strongly thought about Stockholm in Sweden but you have questions about life there! This is a very good question! You can learn all about life in Stockholm! 

Living in Stockholm, a variable climate

Stockholm has a continental climate. In winter in Sweden, it is very cold and there is little sunshine in winter in Sweden as on the least sunny days the sun rises at 9am and sets at 2pm. In winter, temperatures can drop to -10°C. In summer, the days are long and temperatures are around 22°C / 23°C. 

Living in Stockholm, a higher cost of living than in France

The cost of living in Stockholm is 20% / 25% higher than in France. If you want to go to a restaurant, you will have to pay approximately 45€ for two people. For bars, you can find bars that offer a glass of wine for 5€ but it is relatively rare. It is more likely to cost 10€. Note that the service charge is already included in the bill so it is not necessarily necessary to leave a tip. A single bus ticket costs €4.80. The most important expense in Stockholm is the accommodation, you will need to budget about 1300€ per month for a studio in the heart of the city. As you can see, Stockholm is a rather expensive European capital. 

Living in Stockholm, how to get around? 

The most convenient means of transport in Stockholm are the underground, tram and bus. The transport network serves the whole city very well. The metro lines run from 5am to 1am and on Fridays and Saturdays the metro runs all night. I advise you to buy a rechargeable card to be able to move around the whole city. Please note that it is impossible to buy a ticket directly from the driver. 

Living in Stockholm, culinary specialities

In Sweden and especially in Stockholm, you will find many culinary specialties. The first speciality I can introduce you to is Köttbullar, which are meatballs with sauce, potatoes and blueberries. Then there is the Biff Lindström which is very similar to a hamburger with sweet and salty flavours. Fish is often found on the plates in Stockholm. It is therefore quite natural that herring and salmon are part of one of the country’s specialities, as is salmon. I’ll leave you with a little suspense, and you can also try other specialities which you can discover directly on the spot! It is also important to know that the meal times in Sweden are different from other European countries as Swedes eat at noon and in the evening at 6pm. You will not be able to go to a restaurant at 9pm in Stockholm. 

Living in Stockholm, what to do in your free time? 

You can explore the streets of the city and discover every corner of Stockholm. You can also enjoy nature by going for a bike ride or camping by the water. If you like to have brunch, there are plenty of brunch restaurants in Stockholm! You’re sure to find something you like! If you are an art lover, you can go to the city’s art galleries and enjoy the exhibitions! As you can see, there are many things to do in Stockholm! 

Living in Stockholm, improving your English

To improve your English, Sweden is a strategic country. You should know that in Sweden, the locals watch American films and series in English, which allows them to have an excellent level of English. You can easily make yourself understood and exchange with Swedish people in English and therefore improve your language. I also advise you to learn some basic Swedish words. 

Stockholm is a really nice city to discover even though it is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. We recommend it with our eyes closed! Don’t hesitate and contact us so that we can organise your tailor-made course in Stockholm together!